Moncler Grenoble Fall/Winter 2016

by Paige Reddinger

If the strategy was to freeze guests into buying a Moncler puffer jacket by forcing them to stand outside in 8-degree weather to watch an interminably long marching parade, then Moncler succeeded. Even taking a picture for social media felt like a challenge, when forced to remove a treasured glove to tap our iPhone screen. While the show would have been inspiring in any other weather (show master Etienne Russo is a genius at creating cool spectacles for Moncler), it was simply too brutal.

Some testy editors, who ran inside for shelter, were overheard asking, “Where are the clothes? What is this for?” and one well-known EIC’s assistant was even overheard telling their boss, “It’s not like you are here to see the clothes. You’re here to be seen! No one can even see you.” VIP guests were perched on an outdoor balcony, which meant no front row photographers, per tradition. The first half or more of the show included a uniform look on every performer. In fact, they were athletes—40 women and 40 men. The “collective sport action” was meant to mimic the pep rally performances before some American sporting events, but with the helmets and blue uniforms it looked more like a statement on police brutality (some even thought it looked like the Hunger Games). At the very end, actual new merch was shown on models, but we’re not sure how many people withstood the cold long enough to see it. Nonetheless, we all know what Moncler is selling…and it’s selling plenty of it, which is why they can put on shows of this magnitude. But please, next year some hand warmers or heat lamps at the very least, but preferably some Moncler!

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