11 Top Models On What They Eat

by Eddie Roche

We asked 11 top models to let us in on what they eat to get those bodies of theirs looking the way that they do. Here’s what they had to say. 

1. Hannah Ferguson
“I’m never on a diet. It’s more a way of life—I genuinely love fresh fish, vegetables, and fruit. I do have a big sweet tooth but try to control it by having dark chocolate, which is a healthier choice.”

2. Jasmine Tookes
“I eat a lot of protein, especially on days I work out. A typical lunch is usually grilled chicken with veggies and rice. For dinner, I love a good steak and potatoes.”

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3. Jason Morgan
“I try to cut out sugar and processed foods as much as possible. Lean protein and veggies are probably what I tend to eat the most. I eat less red meat than I used to.”

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4. Mariah Strongin
“Contrary to popular belief, I actually eat a lot—mostly protein, and similar to Paleo. My diet is pretty healthy, because I grew up eating small portions and somewhat healthy food. That said, I treat myself to what I crave because I’ve learned my body knows when I need a little something special.”

5. Eian Scully
“I believe in a balanced, whole food–based diet. I don’t count calories but instead focus on getting balanced meals with lots of complete protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and good fats.”

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6. Lais Ribeiro
“My diet is pretty standard all year long, but right before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, I eat lots of protein and veggies and increase my workouts.”

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7. Sara Sampaio
“I just eat a balanced diet. I try to eat a bit of everything, and not deprive myself of anything! If I feel like eating pizza, I will, but maybe the next meal I’ll have some fish with veggies.”

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8. Devon Windsor
“I have a fast metabolism, so I have to eat every couple of hours. I have big breakfasts with eggs or a smoothie and then lunch with lots of protein. I also love my carbs, they’re the only thing that keeps me super full. But I balance those out with lots of exercise and fish and veggies.”

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9. Gizele Oliveira
“I don’t really follow any diet. I’m a pescatarian, so that helps a little with keeping my body in shape.”

10. Brad Kroenig
“I follow the island diet—fish, chicken, eggs, vegetables, fruits, rice, and potatoes. Preferably organic!”

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11. Shanina Shaik
“I’m pescatarian, but I eat vegan as often as I can. My breakfast is usually a tempeh scramble or vegetable omelette. For lunch, I enjoy steamed fish with vegetables, and for dinner, I find I eat less. I eat a veggie bowl stir-fry, gluten-free pasta or more yummy steamed fish with veggies. I don’t drink any soda or fruit juices—just water, tea, and coffee.”

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