Meet The Brands! Get To Know The Labels Who Showed At FashionGo Week

by Freya Drohan

Brands from near and far joined the inaugural FashionGo Week, a trade show with a difference that took place in sunny Palm Springs last week. Let’s get to know the stories behind some of the standout exhibitors.


Backstory, please!
I began designing and manufacturing clothing when I was 20. I had worked a number of retail jobs and although I had no prior experience designing, I knew that I had an eye for fashion. At age 21, I truly embarked on my quest to become a designer and start my own clothing company. After borrowing money from my parents, I made 150 dresses, loaded them up in my Trans Am and began trying to sell my apparel door to door along the East Coast. I immersed myself in the industry and began networking with more established wholesalers in the area. Today we are carried in major department stores, chains and thousands of boutiques across America. We aim to be the go to brand for effortless style.

What are you most known for?
Resort wear is still a big part of what we do. Partners like Nordstrom and Everything But Water have solidified us as a go-to brand for travel apparel essentials.

What does your most recent offering look like?
We will be launching the Holiday collection in Palm Springs, which has an effortless elegant vibe. There’s lots of shimmer and sparkle in the mix, as well as fun prints and cozy sweaters with flair. We are especially excited about the new jackets we will be offering.

Which trends are resonating with your buyers/fans?
This Fall is all about exaggeration and bold statements like large collars, zipper details, colorful animal prints, color blocking, colors that pop, tie dye, and mixed yarn looks.

Have you expanded inventory into new categories recently?
In the beginning, the focus was on resort wear for men, women, and children. Today, the brand has grown and solely focuses on women’s wear. We now cover all apparel categories such as sweaters, denim, jackets, dresses, pants, shorts, and shirts—but resort wear is still at our core. As a brand, we cater to the customer that sees age as just a number. We consider ourselves a mother/daughter brand and when designing, we have a large scope of customers in mind.

What’s it like being back, in-person, at tradeshows?
There is no substitute for getting face to face with your favorite customers and getting your hands on the product. There is a magic about trade shows that you cannot capture on a video call and the excitement of a busy booth full of happy customers is irreplaceable.

What shifts are you noticing in the fashion industry?
Our industry has always been evolving, and not just in the last couple years. One major shift has been the move to online and so content has become king. We have put a lot of effort into elevating our photography as a result. Evolving is always a priority for any successful brand and feedback that we receive from our customers help us navigate the trends and buying habits season after season. Recently we have seen a shift to elevating the collection; from fabrics we choose to looks we chase, our customers are at the forefront of these decisions.

What makes you most excited about showing at FashionGo Week?
We look forward to being exposed to customers that might not have crossed our path before!


What foundations was Mod Ref built on?
Mod Ref stemmed from an idea to provide what was lacking in the market—quality basics with a heavy focus on fit. Our collection absorbs inspiration from strong women who exude confidence through fashion, offering clean-cut pieces that are tailored for style and comfort simultaneously.

What does the name mean?
Modern Respect Equality Freedom (and Female)!

What’s the design ethos?
We strive to provide individuals with affordable, quality clothing and lifestyle accessories. At Mod Ref, we are inspired by the everyday ordinary, with a particular selection of influences from minimal architecture, local artists, steadfast nature, art, and music. With an emphasis on fit and timeless design, our pieces are meant to surpass seasons and be worn long after trends have tapered off. We’ve always been an advocate of a more focused and minimal closet, designing styles that are intended to effortlessly translate between seasons, and aim to be a catalyst for a more conscious and mindful shopping approach.

What do customers and buyers know you for?
Value, reliability, and exceptional customer service. Our buyers love the simplicity of our pieces and how they are able to stand the test of time. When it comes to our buyers, we understand the importance of transparency and creating a welcoming environment. Our team goes beyond the buyer-supplier relationship and into a genuine friendship that our customers truly appreciate.

If you had to pick three words to describe the label, which would they be?
Minimal, effortless, welcoming.

What does the most recent collection look like?
We’re excited for buyers to see our new styles showcasing at this show, including elevated designs and occasionwear, structured tops and bottoms, casual three-piece suits, and quality knits with minimal detailing—alongside our classic and minimal silhouettes they have come to know and love Mod Ref for.

Describe the ultimate muse?
Her style involves layering masculine with feminine pieces, neutral color palettes, and clean tailoring, all while prioritizing comfort over trends. She has the ability to effortlessly look cool in everything she puts on, from her dressier outfits to her more casual looks.

What shifts are you noticing in the fashion industry?
Consumers today are more inclined towards a more sustainable fashion. As we grow, we are compelled more than ever to not only consider the quality of our clothing but also the entire supply chain, production processes, and product afterlife of our clothes. We cannot yet call ourselves a sustainable brand, and we may never get there. However, we can pride ourselves on the nature and timelessness of our collection that propels our audience for a more sustainable and curated wardrobe. With minimal styles that are not trend-based, we don’t encourage overconsumption and we rally for a more curated closet that consists of garments that can be worn well past the ‘30 wears test’, and hope to be a spark in the industry for this shift


When/where was the brand founded?
Mono B was established in 2009 by our founder, Mary Jane (MJ) Chon, focusing on young contemporary women’s wear. MJ noticed a need in the market for leggings and activewear, and with her background and expertise in fashion, Mono B started producing activewear in 2015. In the following years, Mono B expanded the activewear line to include Plus size (Curvy), Men’s, and Mono B Green (recycled fabric).

What’s the design ethos?
We believe that taking care of your body and mind is a necessity and not a luxury. This is a central theme in our designs as we offer functional and fashionable items at an affordable cost that can be accessible to all. We believe that Mono B represents a balance between function (technicality) and fashion (expression). We believe in putting quality first and foremost.

How does inclusivity inform everything the brand does?
Being accessible to all body types. Inclusivity supplements the theme of diversity which we stand for. We also offer sizes up to 3XL.

What is your sustainability mission?
Changing the stigma of fast fashion by reducing waste by producing quality clothing that lasts. Although we are miles away from being fully sustainable, we believe in taking the right steps, whether small or big, towards the direction of sustainability such as offering a MONO B Green line where we use recycled fabric as well as incorporating deadstock fabric into our collection to minimize waste.

What do customers and buyers know you for?
High-quality activewear and athleisure wear at a fraction of the price from other brands.

Tell us about your #MonoBMuse community.
#MonoBMuse Community is our influencer and brand ambassador program where we have individuals from different walks of life and diverse backgrounds. The unifying theme among them all is that each of them is living life and working towards “finding their own balance”. There is no right way or wrong way to find one’s balance as no one lives the same life.

Three words to describe the label?
Comfortable, accessible, and athleisure.

How have you implemented sustainability?
Making gradual changes in production and manufacturing, operations, and culture. Changing the stigma of fast fashion by producing high-quality clothing, finding ways to reduce waste such as using deadstock fabric and recycled fabric, and adapting a “reuse and recycle” culture within the company.

What’s in store for the brand in 2022 and beyond?
Expanding our athleisure line by exploring different fabrics and categories aside from the usual leggings. We are aiming to further blend the gap between gym wear to streetwear.


When was FRNCH founded?
FRNCH was founded in 2015 by Franck Lin and Chloé Jin: a Parisian couple who are passionate about fashion. They were both raised in the fashion industry, in particular in the wholesale fashion industry. FRNCH is a combination of their two first names.

How does FRNCH embody the Parisian approach to style?
We’re inspired by the elegance and casual style of the classic Parisian girl with a modern twist. Our collections are designed for the FRNCH girl 2.0, she’s fun, outgoing, and is not afraid to be bold but always integrates a timeless piece to her outfit. We’re really into colors and unique prints, we don’t necessarily follow the trends but mostly creating the pieces we would love to have and keep in our wardrobe through-out the seasons.

What is FRNCH most known for?
Unique prints and vibrant colors. Our collections convey a mix of romantic and Parisian style and sometimes unusual inspirations which makes our clothes so unique. We are also known for our dresses which our customers love.

Post-pandemic, what type of pieces are proving most popular?
We’re finding that our chunky-knit sweaters and open cardigans, with their unique knit patterns, vibrant colors and prints sold very well through 2021 and early SS 22. Not too heavy, cozy and comfortable, super easy to wear, and great for layering on cool or cold nights. Our best items featured splashes of fun, happy, and vibrant colors to the wardrobe – something we thought was absolutely necessary considering the dark times that everyone went through.

What are buyers increasingly asking for?
We’re seeing an uptick in demand for dresses! It’s really time to get back out again and feel the sun on our faces. Dresses are just the quintessential item that a girl can wear to the park on a sunny day, to brunch with her gang, out on dates, to the movies, or out with the family. You can always stand out and add fun and sophistication in a proper dress.

Are there plans to introduce new categories?
Other items that we’re introducing to the FRNCH brand are belts, purses, wallets, scarves, hats, jewelry, and beanies! There’s a lot to unpack there, but we’ve already begun introducing these items to the market. We’re super excited to offer our take on fun and unique accessories that accentuate and tie everything together for the FRNCH girl. Get ready!

What’s in store for FRNCH in 2022 and beyond?
We are currently planning a special little pop-up shop in our hometown of Paris!


What’s the philosophy of Line & Dot?
Simplicity and femininity: a collection of graceful pieces made with thoughtful attention to detail. Our easy-to-style dresses, skirts, tops, and jackets project a modern aesthetic in figure-flattering lines and soft, luxe fabrics.

Tell us more about the brand!
Founded in 2010, Line & Dot is headquartered in California and cultivates an inventive, evolving look, incorporating European design elements and subtle on-trend statements for the fashion savvy.

How does sustainability inform and guide what Line & Dot does?
With sustainability and transparency at the forefront of our operations, all Line & Dot warehouses and headquarters will soon be fully solar powered and will be implementing additional sustainable projects in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

Who are some of your notable fans?
Women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds

Which types of pieces are particularly resonating with your buyers/fans?
We’re known for our classic sweaters, knitwear, stunning coats and outerwear as well as our beautiful high formality looks. Date night tops and event dresses to take you from day to night.

What’s proving most popular post-pandemic?
Our knitwear is favored year-round, classic and easy for all shapes. We continue to see a need for event dressing for day to night, she’s out and about and we are here for all her needs.

What’s in store for Line & Dot in 2022 and beyond?
We will continue to push the boundaries. We strive to bring even more quality and value to the marketplace for our loyal customers. We want to be their go-to for their everyday essentials as well as their special events.


You’re from Indonesia—did you always think you’d one day launch a brand?
Not at all. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and my parents had their own careers. We didn’t have a lot but we were a happy family. Growing up in the late ’80s, my mom would always wear trendy outfits—whether she bought it from a local Indonesian brand or thrifted. She also taught me how to be confident in myself and be authentic in what I’m wearing. Never try to be someone else that you are not. I think growing up with a cool and fashionable mom were the times when my love for fashion really started.

How did you get your start in fashion?
After college, I moved to and attended UCLA Ext Public Relations Program. Simultaneously, I then was working at fashion PR agencies in Hollywood, assisting celebrity stylists for red carpet events and really doing the groundwork of a fashion career.

Then you launched your brand in 2017.
An opportunity came up to work in marketing; promoting Indonesia’s exports into USA. I was able to meet and help countless Indonesian artisans and factories to market their products into the USA. We helped them market through trade shows. Indonesian artisans would bring very unique, handmade goods like jewelry, handbags, furniture, and home décor—but there would be a disconnect on how they could sustain their presence here. I saw there was a need to sustainably bring Indonesian artisan craft here sao I began a business plan. After wrestling with my fear for a year, I quit my job and took the chance to start Everina, with my husband, Andrew. The rest is history!

What’s the design ethos?
We just started designing our own handbags in 2021. Before that, our artisans were the designers, and we curated the styles. With having our own designs now, I absolutely love it! My design ethos is based on practicality and sustainability. Can this handbag add values to our ladies? Can this handbag last many many years from now? I also want our handbags to be
quite special, different and a novelty.

Where does the name come from?
My own middle name, which is inspired by my grandfather’s middle name “Everett”. His full name was Emil Eugene Everett and mine is Emelie Eugene Everina.

Tell us what principles/foundations your brand is built on?
Love + empower + creativity + equality + growth.

What are your goals?
To provide fashionable, eco-friendly, and ethical fashion and bring accessories that were made in respect of people and the planet.

How does your brand empower artisans?
Fair price is big for us, so we don’t normally negotiate prices with artisans because we believe they deserve to be getting paid well and according to local standards. Most of our artisan partners are women who have kids and use their businesses to fund their family’s livelihood. We also make sure their working conditions are healthy and safe and use non-toxic materials. Currently, we are in the works of getting one of our artisan’s factories their first ever International social audit certification. We also partner with an Indonesian government trade development agency, ITPCLA, located in Los Angeles, to market our products. They really have been helping our company to grow. I also have been a speaker in a few online seminars organized by Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade, targeted for Indonesian artisans about how to break into the US.

How do you seek to stand apart from other brands?
By being authentic to our core and always seeking to bring values for our customers.

Everina (Courtesy)

Vintage Havana 

Vintage Havana was founded in 1954. Can you tell us about the history of the brand?
A true family brand, the collection evolved from father to sons and has grown and stayed in the family all along.

When did you become involved?
I have been with the brand for about 13 years! It has been such a great experience to grow with the company and develop so many lifelong relationships.

What is Vintage Havana most known for?
Vintage Havana is synonymous with comfort and style. We are known for our cozy matching sets, but just as known for setting the season’s street style tone.

What are some best sellers?
I think we’ve kept true to our roots with comfort and style being what we’re most known for. The cozy sets continue to be best sellers season after season.

What types of closet items/trends are resonating with your buyers/fans?
Joggers and hoodies, always—but we love to update them with shapes, textures etc. They are also loving our novelty sweaters and faux leather.

Who is the ultimate Vintage Havana muse?
We sort of live in the fact that we don’t have that ideal. She’s every girl. Our collection is diverse enough to offer something to everyone!

What is important to the brand?
We keep going back to it but comfort first. Then style. And always value.

What’s it like being back, in-person, at tradeshows?
It’s so wonderful seeing our customers! Having them see the collection first-hand and feel our newest fabrics. We always love their reaction and feedback the most!

What did you miss most about them?
Seeing our buyers who so quickly become friends.

What shifts are you noticing in the fashion industry?
We’ve noticed that people want things that last longer, not just in quality but to wear season after season. We’ve adapted by taking classics (plaid, tie dye, animal print) and making them our own.

What’s in store for Vintage Havana in 2022 and beyond?
New new new! We’re ever evolving and bringing new styles and categories to each market!

Vintage Havana (Courtesy)

Judy Blue

Judy Blue was founded in 1999 in LA. Tell us more!
Judy Blue definitely started from humble beginnings. Before starting Judy Blue, Judy owned a small boutique called “Judy’s Fashion” which was looted and burned to the ground during the 1992 LA Riots. After several years of working at a men’s denim company, Judy mustered enough courage to start her own denim line from her single car garage with little to no capital. While her resources were small, Judy’s dream to bring the best fitting denim to women across the country was big! We will always continue to strive and work towards that vision!

Beyond denim, what are you most known for?
We are most known to preach the value of being unique. Everyone is different and unique in their own way and we should all learn to love and embrace it!

What do customers and buyers rely on you for?
Customers rely on us for providing top quality denim and sizes inclusive to women of all sizes.

Judy Blue recently launched some candles too. Fill us in!
Our candles were the opening launch of our lifestyle goods collection. Unfortunately, they are sold out but we did recently launch more lifestyle products including a bento box and utensil set! We have more to come in the foreseeable future, so stay tuned!

What other category expansions are on the horizon?
We are excited to showcase more ’90s inspired looks, like wide legs and cropped styles!

What’s it like being back, in-person, at tradeshows?
We have continued to attend tradeshows all throughout the pandemic up until now—we love seeing our customers face to face and we love getting to know them more.

What else is important about in-person tradeshows to the brand?
We love hearing how our customers are doing and we also love getting real time feedback on how we can improve to bring the best denim to the market!

What makes you most excited about showing at FashionGo Week in Palm Springs?
It’s something different, rather than the usual tradeshow destinations. We are more excited to meet our FashionGo buyers face to face!

What’s in store for Judy Blue in 2022 and beyond?
We’re always excited and looking to improve on all aspects. But one thing that excites us most is definitely our upcoming Fall 22′ line. Hope you guys love them, stay tuned!

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