Martin Garrix on Making His Modeling Debut for Armani Exchange

by Sydney Sadick

Last night, Armani Exchange celebrated its “New Energy, Same Spirit” campaign with a party hosted by Roberta Armani and featuring a special performance by Martin Garrix. The singer behind the hits “Scared to be Lonely” and “In the Name of Love” is a new face of the brand, so naturally, we had a few questions. Hit it! 

Martin, why did you decide to make your modeling debut with Armani Exchange?
I wear Armani Exchange in my daily life—I didn’t want to collaborate with a brand that I don’t connect with. It’s funny, because they sent me some outfits a couple of days ago to wear to tonight’s event, but I’ve been wearing them since I got them! For me, it was a very natural step to work with the brand. I only want to represent brands that fit me as a person and as an artist. During the process of working with the Armani team, I got to know them well, and they now feel like family. They all love fashion and are super humble. I’m very happy to be a part of it all.

Have you always considered yourself a fashion guy?
Yes! I started getting into it pretty young. When I was 11 or 12, I wore the most horrible outfits ever. Looking at photos from then, I’m like, “Oh my god!” But once I hit 13, 14, I started looking up to other artists and what they would wear and would get inspired by them.

Do you consider yourself a model now that you’re the face of such a major brand?
I was a model for this campaign, but I see myself as a computer nerd [Laughs]. I play the guitar and produce music. That’s my base.

Have you gotten to meet Giorgio Armani?
I haven’t, but I’ve heard so many amazing stories and can’t wait to meet him in the future.

You turned 21 a few months ago. How did you celebrate?
I spent my time with family and friends. I kept it low-key—I party every night! When I tour, it gets really crazy—the whole vibe is insane—so whenever I have time off, I love spending time with my childhood friends and family. We partied, but it was more intimate!

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