Martha Hunt Talks Being the Face of Ramy Brook

by Taylor Harris

Victoria’s Secret model and mega-babe Martha Hunt has an enviable new gig as the face of Ramy Brook. Shot by Sebastian Faena at Pier 59 in New York, the campaign features a newly ashy blonde Hunt in various looks from the spring collection. Her favorite? A pair of flared leather pants. “I still need to get those,” she giggled over the phone a few days after the campaign dropped. Here, we get the full scoop from the blonde bombshell.

This is Ramy Brook’s first national ad campaign. What an honor to be the star of it!
I’m thrilled! When I first met with Ramy [Brook Sharp, brand founder], she talked a bit about how quickly the business had grown and that makes perfect sense ot me. I love the brand’s aesthetic, particularly this past season. The clothes are very wearable, they’re perfect for day to night. They’re effortless, they’re the kind of clothes you can just throw on your back. You know they won’t wrinkle and you know you’ll have a chic outfit for when you’re traveling which is perfect for me because I’m always traveling. It’s super easy and effortless, which I need.

Were you familiar with Ramy Brook before booking the campaign?
Yeah, I was first introduced to the brand when I was shopping with my sister a while ago in Wilmington, North Carolina. We both noticed this brand that we now love.

Behind the scenes of the Ramy Brook spring 2018 campaign shoot.

What was the overall vibe on set?
I had never worked with Sebastian [Faena] before and we both were saying it was something we’d really wanted, to work with each other. So that was a really exciting opportunity. I had taken meetings prior to the shoot to talk to Ramy about the inspiration for the campaign and we liked the idea of a shaggier hairstyle. We wanted to get shots that conveyed power and confidence, a really empowered woman with a sort of Nineties vibe. It was just a really fun energy on set.

What’s was your favorite piece from the spring collection?
There are these flared leather pants that are incredible. They’re the kind of pants you can wear anywhere and you’ll look cool and leather pants are timeless. Ramy knew that I’d be obsessed with them. I actually still need to get those, I think they’re just coming out now.

I think you’ll get the hookup.
I hope so! [laughs]

Check out more pics from the campaign below and shop some of Martha’s favorite looks here

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