Maria Peevey on R|Label, A New Line of Everyday Staples

by Sydney Sadick

Meet Maria Peevey, the founder and designer behind R|Label, a new line of everyday essentials for women, launched just last week.The brand, which has kicked off with a curated selection of 18 styles, aims to lay the foundation for a wardrobe reset that celebrates real women in real life. We talked with Peevey to get the scoop on her new venture.

Why did you feel there was a void in the marketplace for R|Label?
Women are tired of commuting on the freeway of fashion—we want a wardrobe that makes sense to wear. We’re done chasing trends and styles that look bad, clog our closets, and cost too much—dressing shouldn’t be so hard. So we created R|LABEL, a line of easy, timeless, go-to pieces that give you the ultimate wear-anywhere wardrobe. R|Label delivers a thoughtful, curated collection of perfect pieces that are modern, easy, high-quality, season-less essentials that coordinate effortlessly, go from day to night, and can be dressed up or down. No thinking. No fussing. No stress. Just classic, wearable clothes that actually look great on your body.

What kinds of pieces will we find in your debut collection?
The collection was built around core items you need to live in— bottoms, tops, toppers and dresses. The assortment includes key silk pieces such as tanks, tees, tunics, blazers, trenches, wraps, and dresses, as well as core staples such as leggings, trousers, sweaters, and a moto jacket. Many of our fabrications come from Japan and our silks and sweaters are extremely high-quality weights and yarns.

Your line is sold on your platform, The Reset.
The Reset is a digital home base for women that marries content, commerce, and community by providing a positive take on resetting her life. We are a source for inspiration, information, and ideas for how to be your best self. R|Label is simply another tool to help support her in looking and feeling great, inside and out.

Tell us about your background.
My specialty is in commercializing white space opportunities in the consumer space by building lifestyle brands that resonate across market channels. Before launching The Reset, I was founder, CEO, and CCO of SimplyShe, which I grew to be the leading pet fashion company in the U.S. and then sold to a private equity company.

What’s next for R|Label?
 R|Label is a lifestyle brand. We plan to update the apparel collection by adding new neutral colors, seasonally appropriate fabrications, and key silhouettes as warranted such as the perfect fall wrap coat and long-sleeve tunic dress. The goal would be over time to expand into other areas such as accessories, shoes and handbags, as well as home goods.

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