Male Model Moments: Meet Walter Savage

by Eddie Roche

Walter Savage

One of the buzziest male mods these days is Walter Savage, the latest guy on the rise to answer our deep questions as we wind down the week. What was he like as a kid? How’d he spend his first paycheck as a mod? What’s his secret talent? Let’s get to it. Plus! Count how many times one of his answers pertains to food. 

Hometown: North End Wilkes Barre, PA

Current City: Manhattan

Instagram: TheWalterSavage

Single/Married/Dating? Single

Nickname: Most of my friends and family call me Wally. I get the occasional Savage from time to time, but my favorite nickname is Walt; my Pop Pop used to call me that.

What was your first modeling job ever? My first modeling job was for Treats Magazine with photographer Chiun Kai Shih, or Chunky, as everyone knows him. My first professional paid job was for the Ralph Lauren presentation/campaign.

How did you spend the money you made? I used half of it to put a down payment on an apartment, and the rest I gave to my mother.  (Ed. Note: Awwwwwww…)

Where are we least likely to find you? McDonald’s

Who are your best male model buddies? All of the Soul guys are pretty close, but the ones I hang out with he most are Tarik Kaljanac, Tyson Beckford, Brian Shimansky, Josh Truesdell, Kevin Johnson, and Deric Mickens. 

What would we be surprised to know about you? I have a degree in Forensic Chemistry.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Are we talking about food? Definitely almond butter!

What time do you wake up every day? What time do you typically go to bed? My internal clock is 9 a.m. and 2 a.m. I try to get to sleep by midnight, but I’m a night owl.

What scares you? Deep, dark water. I hate that feeling you get when you don’t know what’s underneath you!

What do you always eat? Bananas

What was your best and worst subject in school? Math and economics.

What kind of student were you in high school? I was a great student! I was loud and energetic, but I still got my work done. I loved studying and I’d always stay to 8th period to practice my math homework over with Ms. Macri, or to just get my work done in general. If I wasn’t studying, I was playing volleyball. I played football, too, but I loved volleyball and my team. Some of my favorite memories of my high school years was the time I spent with my volleyball team. I owe a lot to my coach, Mr. Lapinski, for developing my character on and off the court.

What’s your least favorite food? Boring-ass salad.

When are you in the best mood? When I make someone happy.

When are you in the worst mood? When I’m hungry or as we call it “hangry.”

Who do you admire most in the world? My grandfather

Any secret talents? I can cut hair. My pop taught me at the age of 12.

Where do you travel to most? To my fridge. Kidding! When I have free time, I try to go home to see the family.

What word do you say too much? YES

Where do you think you’ll retire? Alaska…Maybe

What’s your favorite thing about being in fashion? The experience. I like the challenge of the fashion world. If it were so easy, every great-looking guy and girl would be supermodels! The art of becoming this ideal image is the beauty of it all. As my agent Jason Kanner says, it’s the return of the male supermodel.

Who’s your favorite female model? Treveen Stewart.

What advice would you give your 13 year old self? Keep being you, kid.

How would you describe your current state of mind? Intuitively Savage.

Walter Savage

Walter Savage


Walter Savage


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