Lorenzo Martone: Wheels Up!

by The Daily Front Row

It’s the first day of Spring (at last!), and Lorenzo Martone is finally ready to take your order. The fashion fixture (and a total gem of a guy) has been working on bringing bikes into the 21st century with you in mind. His baby, The Martone Cycling Co. (nicknamed MCC), officially launches their online site Martonecycling.com today. Designed in New York City and crafted in Taiwan, the bikes are composed of steel alloy and aluminum and weigh a very friendly 26 pounds. The brand’s main differentiator in functionality is the “MCC Duomatic,” an innovative 2-speed gear system that shifts gears automatically depending on slope and speed. (Perfect for that horrific hill in Central Park!) Every bike has a signature red chain and a specially designed basket is built into each handlebar so you’ll have a nice place to keep The Daily during Fashion Week. Your new ride will only set you back about $899 and there are options for the boys and the girls. Just please wear a helmet and look out for taxi doors. The fab is all taken care of.

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