Lark & Berry Celebrates Its First Anniversary With a New Campaign

by Aria Darcella
Lark & Berry

Lark & Berry just turned one! To celebrate, the jewelry brand — which uses conflict-free, environmentally conscious “cultured” diamonds made in a lab — has released its first global campaign.

“Our first year has been amazing,” says founder Laura Chavez. “The biggest challenges we’ve faced all really stem from people still not being very aware that cultured diamonds even exist, or if they are, being misinformed that they’re not as good as mined diamonds. This is anything but the truth. Cultured diamonds are 100% genuine diamonds and very often superior to mined diamonds.”

Lark & Berry

(Lark & Berry)

The ad draws from Lark & Berry’s hallmark slogan, “Clean. Cool. Cultured.” In the past year the young brand has opened a flagship brick-and-mortar in London, and even began selling out of items only a few months after launching its online shop. In the immediate future it is focused on launching new items, like the Veto Color Petal bracelets featuring multi-colored cultured gemstones, the Modernist Stackable Rings, and the Modernist Tennis Collection, which features long and dangling tennis earrings of white gold and 1.56 carat cultured diamonds. But in the long run, Chavez is hoping that Lark & Berry will change how people will approach buying jewelry. Hopefully by putting the planet first.

“As long as people want luxury jewelry, the more diamond culturing there is, the better,” she says. “It’s just the no-brainer, more environmentally responsible choice — and the only sustainable option when it comes to diamonds. Diamond mining means we have to keep digging. They’ve even begun to mine for diamonds underwater now. There’s no end to destruction to Earth when it comes to mining. Cultured is the only option to best preserve our planet.”

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