La Perla Men’s Collection Slated To Debut At Pitti Uomo

by Dena Silver

La Perla may be known for their lacy underpinnings and sleek swimsuits for women, but men are getting their fix of the brand as well: the label will present a relaunched version of their menswear label at Pitti Uomo in Florence on June 19th. But the show will be much more than just toned hommes hitting the runway in skivviesthe collection melds loungewear and beachwear. Emiliano Rinaldi, the Tuscan-born creative director for La Perla’s menswear, has been tasked with carrying the project to completion. “In the past, our menswear has been confined to an offering of underwear or T-shirts in really fine fabrics, but it hasn’t ever been reminiscent of sportswear,” Suzy Biszantz, La Perla’s CEO of North America, explained to The Daily. “There will be a runway collection in addition to a main collection, which is a bit more commercial and will be launching in our boutiques in Spring 2015. It’s a really exciting evolution of the brand. ” Turns out, the brand has had coed designs in its DNA since its inception, surprisingly. “The men’s collection has basically always been a part of the brand. When La Perla was developed in Italy through the original owners, they branched it out to include a number of different categories: they had men’s, jeans, and a full ready-to-wear collection,” Biszantz said.

According to a release, the collection is “inspired by the submarine world” and uses a flying oyster for a touch of symbolism. Additionally, there will be cameos from flying fish, jellyfish, and seahorses. The designs will have a definite loungewear spin to it, with robes and kimonos that are made to wear out of the bedroom, as well as billowy pants that mimic the comfort factor of pajamas.  This is certainly good news for stylish lads, non?

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