Kate Lagos of LAGOS Reveals The Color of The Season

by Eddie Roche

As Brand Stylist for the LAGOS fine jewelry brand, Kate Lagos gets to represent her family and share everything she’s learned growing up around the business. She tells The Daily Summer about her role, what it’s like to work with her dad, and shares some tips on how to accessorize this season.

What does your role as Brand Stylist at LAGOS entail?
As Brand Stylist, I feel lucky to participate in so many of our brand activities. I get to work across departments creating content and preparing for our upcoming collection launches. One of my favorite parts of my job is being on set for our seasonal campaign shoots with our creative team. I’ve spent my whole life around our Caviar jewelry, so I have a good sense of how to showcase our many styles so they feel approachable to women. I also work constantly with the product, so I’m able to bring a unique perspective to the brand as a woman and a stylist. I get to see all the opportunities we have to grow our collections and work closely with my father and designer [Steven Lagos] to help bring them to life.

There’s a lot of fine jewelry brands out there. What differentiates LAGOS from the rest?
We’ve been able to differentiate ourselves through our Caviar beading. It’s handcrafted, luminous beading that’s within every piece we create. Caviar is our signature design, and it’s instantly recognizable. It’s not just about the look; the craftsmanship and engineering behind Caviar make it super comfortable and easy to wear every day. We want it to feel like it’s part of you, like a second skin. It’s what sets us apart from other fine jewelry brands.

Your father, Steven, is a pioneer in the fine jewelry world. What have you learned from him?
Working with my father is an awesome opportunity that I don’t take for granted. He is a super creative and innovative person, and a great teacher; he’s been doing this for more than 45 years. He mainly encourages me to be positive. And he always reminds me to be myself, which I apply to all aspects of my personal and professional life. Authenticity is key.

What’s it like getting to work with your father?
It’s fun working together. I get to travel and see the world through his eyes. He wears so many hats and has so much experience to share. We try to create a balance between our business and personal relationship, but overall, we work well together.

Do you think it was inevitable for you to end up working in the family business?
I wouldn’t say it was inevitable. I’ve always been interested in the fashion industry overall but wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. My parents always encouraged me to do whatever made me happy, and I truly felt no pressure to join LAGOS. I was helping merchandise the windows at our flagship store when I graduated and a position opened up in the visual department. My role has evolved from there.

What’s your best advice for styling jewelry?
At LAGOS, we love to stack and layer all categories— necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. It gives you more opportunities for self-expression. As a stylist, I typically start with a theme, stick with odd numbers for interest, play with scale, dimension, and try to create balance in the overall look.

What mistakes do you see women making when it comes to accessories?
There are no mistakes in styling. If you like the way it looks and it makes you feel good, that’s what is important. We say “My LAGOS My Way”; it means there’s no wrong way to wear it. It’s important to always trust your intuition and show off your personal style. Wear what makes you feel happy and confident, not what you feel you “have” to wear because it’s trendy.

What are some essential jewelry pieces everyone should have in their collection?
Stick to the classics. A pair of gold hoops, a diamond tennis bracelet, a pair of pearl earrings, and a statement ring will always be in style. These are the kinds of pieces you can feel good investing in. And just because they’re classic doesn’t mean they have to be plain or simple; we offer modern versions of these timeless styles that are designed to stand out

What’s the color of the season?
We introduced our new vivid, vibrant Ultramarine blue. This shade seems to be having a moment right now beyond the jewelry industry. For LAGOS, it’s the next evolution of our ceramic Caviar. Ceramic lets us play with color and offer bold hues that help set us apart. We love blue because it has such a positive vibe. I think everyone could use a little positive energy right now.

What colors do you think women should be experimenting with more?
I would love to see more color in general. Color is the easiest way to personalize your look and stand out. I understand it can be intimidating, especially with fine jewelry, you usually want to stick to classics, but there are approachable ways to invest in color. Our Color Switch collections come with five interchangeable ceramic-colored options to mix and match however you want. It’s one of my favorite collections that we offer. Customers get great value for their investment.

What colors really pop in the summer?
Besides Ultramarine, we love our White Caviar. If you pair them together, you get this great nautical vibe. Or gold is always a great addition to your summer look. With a little extra skin showing, you will be glowing in the sun. Gold and blue are also a great combination that reminds me of the sun and sea.

What inspired this season’s LAGOS collection?
This season was inspired by travel and the need to escape our daily lives for fun and adventure. There’s nautical motifs and oceanic colors. We also play with scale, so there’s delicate pieces that can be layered or bolder pieces that can be worn alone to make a statement.

What are some of your most popular pieces?
Our Smart Caviar bracelet for the Apple Watch continues to be one of our most popular collections. The bracelets elevate the sporty look of the watch to a piece of fine jewelry. We have so many options now, and this season we introduced our newest ceramic color, Ultramarine blue.

What kind of looks work for the Hamptons lifestyle?
When I think about the Hamptons, I picture a relaxed yet refined woman. Our Newport Knot collection weaves sterling silver with 18K gold and diamonds in a nautical knot, which suits the Hamptons lifestyle. We offer a variety of silhouettes, so you can go with a bold statement ring or bracelet and then more delicate necklaces for layering.

Tell us a bit about the KSL collection, and what’s on tap for the rest of the year?
KSL is a collaboration with my father that is named KSL for my initials—Kate Shares Lagos. It’s my take on our classic Caviar styles. So it’s a little more edgy and modern. For fall, we’re introducing a new suite of studs in 18K gold and diamonds. Just as we encourage bracelet stacking, we also love an earring stack. These styles are perfect for asymmetrical styling; you can even buy a couple pairs and share with friends, so you can all create your own look.


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