Honor And Stone Fox Bride Pair Up For A Romantic Collab

by The Daily

Longtime pals Molly Guy of Stone Fox Bride and Giovanna Randall of Honor have joined creative forces on brand new bridal collab, Honor x Stone Fox Bride. Guy’s bridal biz channels the bohemian vibe in its gowns and studio appointments, whereas Randall’s Honor focuses on feminine yet fun designs. The duo hosted an event in their Soho showroom, showcasing the collection (which is now available to purchase online) over La Colombe coffee and donuts. They spilled details on working with friends, evading bridal traditions, and the ideal Honor x Stone Fox Bride girl.

Where did the idea for this collaboration come from?
Molly Guy: We saw a lot of synergy between the two brands, and I was always obsessed with [Giovanna’s] gowns and their creative collateral. We toyed with the idea of collaborating for a while, and last year we that realized if we’re going to do it, we should do it now. Our gowns are traditionally really flowy, loose, and hippie, while hers have that downtown-edgy vibe that are much more formal, much more structural and use heavier fabrics. Surprisingly, our two aesthetics compliment each other really well. We worked with her existing silhouettes, added some new ones, and I think the results are pretty magical.

Did you enjoy working together as friends?
Giovanna Randall: I think at first, you don’t want to step on the other person’s toes and you can’t just tell the other person what you want to do, so it kind of becomes silly and too polite.
Molly: For example, we had two different ideas of what the flower crowns should be. So we thought, OK, we’ll do Giovanna’s flowers and then we’ll do Molly’s flowers.
Giovanna:They ended up working for different things. We’re both used to being the boss, so we do what Molly wants and we do what I want, and we will figure it out later.

What kind of a bride will opt for one of the dresses in this collection?
She has to be open-minded; she can’t just be afraid to get her dress dirty. When I got married, I had a wedding planner who wanted us to put plastic down for pictures outside. I was like “Why? I’m only going to wear this dress once!”
Molly: She has to love that real couture look and want to wear a gown. She can spill a little bit of red wine on her dress and not let it bother her and she can take it out a year later and wear it to some wild masquerade ball.

Any particular celebs who would be a good fit?
I would love to see Kirsten Dunst in a dress. Isn’t she still single?

I think so! So, are destination weddings a do or a don’t?
I say total do. I think these gowns translate well; you can just hop on a plane to Mexico or Paris with these gowns!

What do you think of having multiple dresses or changing outfits on your big day?
I love it.
Giovanna: If it’s what you want and you feel like playing dress up, you should do it. But don’t do it because it’s convention; do it because you want to.

What’s the most frivolous accessory you’ve seen a bride with on her big day?
Molly: I say this with all the love in my heart, but my friend Sarah Hoover got married and walked down the aisle with her English bulldog who had a Mandy Coon and Stone Fox Bride custom studded leather collar. They made it into The New York Times Vows section, and I was so proud. We made Sarah this long, huge, gorgeous veil and in the picture, she’s saying ‘I do’ to her husband, Tom Sachs, with the dog sitting on her veil, in its studded collar.

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