Full Hearts LA: Streetwear with Purpose

by Amir Bakian

One interesting yet unique aspect of streetwear is that it embodies the essence of time while staying true to its sporty funky look. Streetwear has remained timeless in urban style and has been lauded by youth for generations. With the growing popularity of streetwear, many new brands have come up with promising unique designs; however, most of them have only revived the concept of casual fashion without introducing any new elements. Full Hearts LA, an emerging streetwear brand, is making a difference by incorporating spirituality into its culture. It is a new brand that caters to fashion enthusiasts in the U.S. and abroad.

Full Hearts LA was founded by Jared Jennings, also the brand’s creative director. Jared decided to quit his job in corporate sales and pivot his career to pursue his passion for fashion. As a result, he started his entrepreneurial journey with Full Hearts LA, a unique streetwear brand that has grown exponentially in the first 9 months. Full Hearts LA has become one of the favorite streetwear brands for celebrities and even athletes within a short period. Jared wanted to bring a fresh perspective by offering a valuable yet novel innovation in streetwear. He envisioned creating a brand that appeals to the streetwear buyer while simultaneously incorporating spirituality into the culture. This vision was shaped into Full Hearts LA, a streetwear brand modernizing the narrative around street fashion. Full Hearts LA is pushing boundaries in fashion to make streetwear more relatable. For example, no brand has ever made pieces people can wear in nightclubs that represent or are inspired by a life of purpose. Full Hearts LA has stepped into this space introducing streetwear with a purpose.

Full Hearts LA is not an average streetwear brand, but a movement aligned with the modern concept of spirituality. The brand wants to appeal to modern-day spiritual people. While the entry into the fashion space is relatively new, The purpose of Full Hearts LA has made quite some waves, as it has received many orders currently shipped across the U.S. and even in Europe and Canada. Jared feels fulfilled as he sees A-list celebrities featuring Full Hearts LA at famous events. This has also been Jared’s motivation to scale up the brand since its inception, and focusing on this goal has helped him overcome the initial hurdles. Scaling up a streetwear brand from scratch was quite challenging for Jared. As the space stays competitive, Full Hearts have unarguably had its fair share of challenges, amongst which are the unit price of the commodity, which is not in the low-price range; thus, he had a hard time convincing people about the quality of the products. Jared realized that the buyer’s journey is psychological. From social proof to amazing pieces of content, the buyer wants to compare their perception of a product or brand with other prospective buyers. It took Jared some time to develop the social media proof to reach his target customers, but he never compromised on the quality of the product under any circumstances.

Jared believes that prioritizing quality has always helped him overcome any challenge he faced with Full Hearts LA because customer feedback is always the best form of marketing. As a result, Jared will continue to scale up Full Hearts LA following his vision of the brand. He wants to see Full Hearts LA pieces in small storefronts with flagship locations in major cities. In addition, full Hearts LA will diversify its range of products in the coming years, spreading the love for street fashion worldwide.

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