Citizen Of The World: How A Ukrainian Born Entrepreneur Wants To Create The Nike Of The Spiritual World

by Amir Bakian

Nike is one of the biggest and most recognizable footwear companies in the world. By the end of 2022, it earned around $12 billion from its core brands including Air Jordan, Nike Pro, Converse, and Hurley. The company prides itself as a growth company and carries the slogan “Just Do It”. Everywhere you go, people can recognize its iconic swoosh logo that has made a huge impact over its 60 years in the industry.

Now, one relatively new company founded by CEO Vladi Bergman is set to become the next Nike of the spiritual world. Bergman’s Karma and Luck is scaling rapidly, and the founder has no desire to slow down any time soon.

Bergman shared three key ways he’s learning from the athletic giant.

Commitment to Create High Quality Pieces


Nike became a world-class athletic footwear company not just for its famous brand ambassadors or media presence. Its success lies in its ability to produce high quality footwear that fit any type of athlete. Nike even partners with pro sportsmen to tailor-fit their designs to match the needs of players.

Vladi says this is exactly what Karma and Luck wants to do for their customer base, while being able to compliment individuals’ spiritual journeys, where they explore their desired path with intention.

“Karma and Luck was inspired by my travels, and we’ve always maintained a global outlook,” explains Vladi. “When we design new items, we think about who will wear it, how it will be worn, and where. Our designs are for adventurers and explorers on different paths of self-discovery all over the world.”

To bring their jewelry to life, Vladi and his team also traveled to North Africa to produce uplifting images and footage to tell their story.

“These images feel lush, evocative, and 100% like Karma and Luck. While I’m proud of the growth of Karma and Luck, I’m also so happy with how the visuals continue to evolve,” says Vladi. “With this project, we made another step towards manifesting our vision of celebrating cultures and spirituality all over the world. We hope that our images and story inspire people to live more meaningful lives.”

Nationwide Expansion

To fulfill his goal of turning Karma and Luck into the Nike of the Spiritual World, Vladi is also busy with his nationwide expansion. Bergman and team have begun launching new sites in New York, Florida, and Texas. They are also set to open a store in retail hotspots like Universal Studios LA, Texas, Miami Florida and other areas in the south in the near future.

“The brand is growing nationally and it’s doing great,” shares Vladi. “We expect our company to hit $100M in sales within the next two to three years.”

Making an Impact

One of the things that makes Nike so great is its dedication to corporate social responsibility. Giving back is also foundational to Vladi’s work. For every Feng Shui Tree sold, Karma and Luck donates a portion of the proceeds to Make-A Wish Southern Nevada. Because of this, the company has donated almost $25,000 to date.

Vladi has also created the Red String Protection bracelet to support Three Square. Each Red String Protection bracelet sold provides three meals to feed the less fortunate in Southern Nevada. With this initiative alone, Karma and Luck has helped feed over 35,000 families thus far.

Vladi Bergman has also donated a portion of a full week’s sales to the Doctors Without Borders in Ukraine, an organization providing aid to those caught in between the Russian Invasion of his home country.

By taking action to continuously elevate his products, expand his brand, and make an impact on others, Vladi is moving closer to his goal of turning Karma and Luck into the Nike of the Spiritual World.

Presented by: Nick Kasmik

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