FAME King Sheeraz Hasan Launches Dubai.News in Hollywood to Showcase Dubai’s Innovations to the U.S.

by Tom White

Sheeraz Hasan, globally recognized as the “FAME King,” is expanding his reach into news media with the launch of Dubai.News. Based on the iconic Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, this new venture aims to deliver daily insights into Dubai’s rapid developments to an American audience.

Hollywood Meets Dubai

Dubai.News is strategically located at the heart of Hollywood’s entertainment scene, sharing its address with industry giants like Netflix and Amazon. The site’s headquarters, frequented by prominent figures such as Elon Musk and Hollywood stars including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Zendaya, underscores its commitment to blending Dubai’s dynamic energy with Hollywood’s glamour.

Connecting Two Vibrant Hubs

This platform is set to bridge Dubai and Hollywood by providing real-time coverage of significant events and offering in-depth interviews with influential leaders from both regions. By featuring a mix of news, analysis, and feature stories, Dubai.News will foster a dynamic exchange of ideas between these two entertainment powerhouses.

Exclusive Coverage of Dubai’s Growth

Dedicated to highlighting Dubai’s thriving sectors—such as tourism, technology, AI, web3, real estate, and business—Dubai.News employs a team of skilled journalists. Their mission is to showcase the city’s ascent and the opportunities it offers, directly to the American public.

Image Credit: Sheeraz Hasan

Aligned with Dubai’s Vision for 2040

Dubai.News supports the 2040 vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, which aims to attract 7.1 million residents to Dubai. The platform educates Americans about Dubai’s potential, making it a key player in promoting Dubai as a hub of innovation and investment.

Changing Perceptions

By offering engaging and accurate reporting, Dubai.News intends to reshape how Americans view Dubai, establishing itself as a key channel for cultural and economic exchange. This launch marks a significant step in global storytelling, reinforcing Dubai’s presence on the American media landscape.
For more details, visit Dubai.News.
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