Nikita Karizma Dresses the World’s Most Famous It-Girls From Hollywood To Bollywood

by Amir Bakian

Nikita Karizma has created a name for herself in the fashion world, becoming the go-to designer for the most famous It-Girls. Her designs have been seen on the likes of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, Lady Gaga, celebrated Indian actress Shilpa Shetty, and Winnie Harlow.
Nikita has designed several outfits for Little Mix. In fact, they were her first celebrity clients. When she left the London College of Fashion, Nikita had two orders from musicians for their tours, Little Mix and JLS. She used the profits from this to start her brand and line.
Her unique approach to fashion sets her apart in this highly competitive space, with her work attracting a lot of attention. Nikita Karizma recently became a designer member of the British Fashion Council.
Nikita has taken a different approach to fashion and design. She views fashion as more of a communication tool and has been using it to share her story and encourage and empower other women. Nikita has based her brand on representing women, enabling them to feel beautiful through her designs and providing them with a self-assured personality to rock the world.
Her collections have become known for their bold colors, prints, and playful details that beautifully display the various dimensions of style personas, including classic, expressive, easy-going, and passionate. Nikita also offers feel-good articles of clothing. She leverages her experience and knowledge to achieve this. Nikita has been in the fashion industry through her upbringing as her parents were fashion buyers. She started her company immediately after leaving college, working with clients from various fields.
Nikita says her goal is to change how people look at the fashion industry as she shows women that they can still express themselves through fashion and that it is possible to achieve their dreams. Nikita started her company without any outside investment or loans. She started growing her brand while still in college and had her first “big” clients by the time she graduated.
Nikita used the profits from her first orders to create the “Nikita Karizma” brand. However, her journey hasn’t been easy. When she started her company, Nikita invested in her skillset while navigating the industry—where to find the best fabrics and so on—and then COVID happened.
Like many in the fashion industry, Nikita was affected by the pandemic. She explains that it was a challenge to run her studio during COVID. But she didn’t give up. Nikita continued showing up and fighting for her passion, and she is now looking to open an even larger workshop.
Nikita has bought a commercial property and is building it this year. She says she looks forward to creating their dream workspace and a branded aesthetic for filming and communication.
Her advice to anyone looking to get started in fashion is to believe in their work/ideas and focus on their passion. “There are different obstacles along the way, and sometimes you have to just dive into the deep end to gain experience. But when you pursue something you really love, your passion will shine through your work and in the service of others,” says Nikita. She adds the importance of patience, staying grounded, and being humble even with all the noise.

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