Joy Studios’ ‘Santé & Tropica’: The Ultimate Brand Partnership Opportunity in Children’s Media

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Dive Into Global Potential with Joy Studios’ Latest Animation Sensation, “Santé & Tropica”

In an era where children’s attention spans are fleeting, “Santé & Tropica” stands out, providing engaging stories that not only entertain but also educate. Reminiscent of beloved childhood franchises, this series is poised to become the next global phenomenon in children’s television.

“Santé & Tropica” follows the adventures of Santé, an 8-year-old seahorse with a thirst for adventure, and his best friend Tropica, a thoughtful parrotfish. Together, they navigate the wonders of the ocean, encountering diverse sea creatures and tackling themes of diversity, acceptance, and friendship. Each episode is a vibrant exploration of teamwork and problem-solving, imparting valuable life lessons to young viewers.

The creative minds behind the story of “Santé & Tropica” are Joy Studios, a Middle East-based studio shaping the future of children’s media. Launched by co-founders Fabian Jude Martin and Elena Solina, Joy Studios is committed to creating content that inspires and educates. Their storytelling ethos emphasises the importance of shaping values and morals through engaging narratives.


The immense popularity of “Santé & Tropica” has caught the attention of major developers across the MENA region, particularly in Saudi Arabia, who see the potential to transform it into the next global player in children’s entertainment, with plans and ambitions that could see theme parks, branded merchandise, games, publishing opportunities and more. The level of growth and opportunity here is unmatched. This is a unique opportunity for brands to partner with Joy Studios and be part of a burgeoning franchise poised to take the world by storm.

The show is also gaining significant interest in Hollywood, with industry insiders recognizing its potential to become the big brand for kids. Missing out on partnering with “Santé & Tropica” could mean missing out on a landmark cultural leader in children’s entertainment.

Joy Studios is at the forefront of future generations’ entertainment, utilizing AI to enhance storytelling and streamline production, ensuring the highest-quality content and staying ahead of new technological advances. The studio aims to be the first Middle Eastern animation studio to set a global standard, deeply ingrained with the values and culture of the region. The demand for fresh, culturally rich children’s content is at an all-time high, making this an ideal moment for partnerships.

Elena Solina emphasized the opportunities available for children’s television: “We believe in a future where children’s media is not only entertaining but also enriching and culturally relevant.”

“Business leaders and investors have a unique opportunity to be part of this journey. By partnering with Joy Studios, you can play a pivotal role in what promises to be the next cultural cornerstone in children’s entertainment,” added Fabian Jude Martin.

For more details on partnership opportunities and how you can be part of the future of children’s entertainment, please contact Joy Studios at

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