Holly Gorski: A Voice to Remember in Acting and Music

by Amir Bakian

It is rare for an entertainer to excel in multiple fields, let alone at a young age. But Holly Gorski has managed to do just that. As a talented accomplished actor and JUNO-nominated singer, her unique, raspy voice has captivated audiences in both industries. Gorski’s achievements in acting and singing have earned her critical acclaim and a growing fanbase. Her natural talent, powerful voice, love for her craft and seemingly limitless ambition have helped Holly make a name for herself. Keep reading to discover the full spectrum of Holly Gorski’s talents and why this inspiring performer is considered one of entertainment’s brightest young accredited actors and singers.

Gorski’s exciting journey began when she was four, performing in musical theater productions. Her natural gifts and comedic personality quickly caught the attention of her parents and the audience alike, setting her on a path toward stardom. She later trained competitively in dance, acting, singing and voice-over training, leading her to land her first significant TV role as the voice of “Julia Goodway” on the popular highly awarded children’s animation Paw Patrol.

The effervescent Gorski enjoyed her most recent success with her role as the voice of “Marcie” in the latest seven Peanuts productions, exclusively on Apple TV+. Her portrayal of the iconic animation character garnered high praise, with audiences lauding her ability to bring the character to life. In addition to the two Snoopy/Peanuts TV shows and four “Snoopy Presents” movies, Holly also shares the cast list with the lovely wife of Peanuts creator Ms. Jean Schulz and A-list celebrities like Golden Globe winner Drew Barrymore, Emmy winner Al Roker, Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp and more, on the Emmy-winning Peanuts 70th Anniversary documentary, Who Are You, Charlie Brown?, narrated by Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o. This documentary celebrates the origins of the beloved “Peanuts” characters and their creator, Charles M. Schulz.

Gorski has also voiced characters for Abby Hatcher as Cousin Flugtilda, and Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum as historical Marie Owens. Her acting credentials extend to the award-winning shows Holly Hobbie, where she played the Empress of Slime, aka Tappin’ Tabitha; Odd Squad: Mobile Unit, where she acted as Agent Oceana and performed the voice-over roles of Agent Obie and Agent Oval; and Super Mighty Makers, as lead host Super Mighty Maker Holly.

In addition to her acting career, Gorski is also a member of the girl group GEN:ZED, fka GFORCE. Their success carried them through, all the way to the quarter-finals of America’s Got Talent season 14, performing live at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre, with Gorski being the youngest talent on the show that season. Their original six-song EP, which earned them a JUNO nomination for Children’s Album of the Year, showcases Gorski’s powerful and slightly raspy voice. The group has viral videos and songs with more original music on the way. The group has also been appointed as UNICEF ambassadors, working to improve the lives of children worldwide.

Much like many entertainers, Gorski has had to persevere through challenges and keep her focus on her training and surround herself with the support of like-minded individuals who share her goals. Her undeniable work ethic, proven talent and passion for her craft have made her stand out in the industry.

As for her future, Gorski’s dreams and aspirations keep growing. She envisions herself as a Hollywood A-list actress with the ultimate goal of earning an Oscar. Holly loves doing what she does, which is showcasing her diverse skill set and passion for all aspects of the entertainment industry.

Holly Gorski is an exceptional young talent. Her noteworthy accomplishments as an actor and a vocalist have placed her in the spotlight, and continues to earn her praise from critics and her ever-growing fanbase. Her distinct voice, undeniable experiences, natural talent, clear vision, and refreshing humbleness have made her a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. As audiences tune in to see what she will do next, it’s clear that Gorski will be a star on any stage she calls home.

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