Elevating Your Craft: The Advantages Of Entering and Winning The IBI Awards

by Maria Williams

Beauty artistry is an intersection of innovation and skill. Entering a competition can really challenge you, but winning awards can also significantly propel your career to new heights. Not only does an award validate your talent, but winning also offers several advantages that can shape the trajectory of your professional journey. In this article, we’ll interview Dianna Hampton, founder of the International Beauty Industry Awards (IBI Awards), and explore the benefits of how participating and also winning a beauty artisan award can impact your career.

Recognition and Credibility
“One of the primary advantages of entering beauty artisan awards is to showcase your expertise, creativity, and dedication to your craft. To use your art to inspire the world.” says Hampton. Winning an award will increase industry recognition and credibility. Awards like the Forbes 30 Under 30 in business have been a unique differentiator and the beauty industry is no different with its own unique differentiators. “Recognition through participating in awards can act as a powerful endorsement, not only among your peers but also within the broader industry because potential clients, employers, and collaborators are more likely to trust and engage with an artist who is competing with exceptional skills at an international level. ” emphasizes Hampton.

Portfolio Enhancement
If you’re applying for a job or a specialized position, awards can provide a unique opportunity to enhance your portfolio with prestigious accolades. If you lack years of experience, including achievements or awards adds a layer of distinction in your portfolio, making it stand out among others. Hampton adds, “whether you specialize in makeup artistry or hair artistry, a portfolio with awards demonstrates a commitment to innovation, excellence and inspiration. It can set you apart in a crowded market,”.

Networking Opportunities
Participating in beauty artisan competitions opens doors to valuable networking opportunities. Hampton says, “These events often attract industry leaders, influencers, and fellow artists. Winning an award can attract more career opportunities, but equally as important, it also facilitates connections with creative professionals who can contribute to your growth and inspiration.” Meeting like minded people and building out your network has numerous advantages from more potential business connections, to meeting other artists who push and challenge your style. In other words, networking can lead to collaborations, mentorship opportunities, and exposure to new trends and techniques, which can drastically impact your career.

Increased Visibility
Winning awards can significantly boost your visibility in the beauty industry. Hampton replies, “the notoriety gained from participating in awards can attract media attention, feature articles, and interviews.” Additionally, beauty awards competitions also have a fan base and will promote their awards ceremonies which can be a large boost in exposure for any up-and-coming beauty artisan.“Growth is the currency of 2024 and competing in a worldwide arena of artistic excellence can be a powerful catalyst for both professional and personal growth. Beauty Artisans that are constantly elevating their game attract more attention, more career opportunities and more clients.” says Hampton. Increased visibility not only expands your reach to potential clients but also positions you as an authority in your field and can kick start an online following.

Career Advancement and Opportunities
Hampton says “Awards can offer a fast track for career advancement.” Employers and brands are more likely to seek out award-winning beauty artisans for collaborations, partnerships, and employment opportunities. “The prestige associated with winning awards can open doors to exclusive projects, editorial features, and ambassadorships with renowned beauty brands, providing avenues for continuous professional development.”

Personal and Professional Growth
“The process of entering and competing in the IBI awards is itself a journey of personal and professional growth,” says Hampton. Placing your art in front of industry leaders and educators during judging, exposure to diverse styles and techniques, and the challenge of pushing your creative boundaries to evolve as an artist is invaluable. The self improvement and skills gained from competing are assets that shape a world class beauty artisan.

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