David Gandy To Give David Beckham A Run For His Money

by Eddie Roche

Because looking perfect modeling underwear isn’t enough, David Gandy is now getting into the design world: he’s launching his own line of knickers. The underwear collection will be sold exclusively at British store Marks & Spencer and be called David Gandy for Autograph, featuring 28 items, from briefs to boxers. He’s been a longtime model for his friends at Dolce & Gabbana, making numerous runway appearances for them, and appearing as the poster boy for their underwear line. Word is, the British mod will also be modeling for the line’s campaign, which launches on September 18th in London stores before becoming available online and worldwide. Looks like Gandy has caught the design bug, telling Vogue UK: “I have to be honest, from sketching designs, choosing the fabrics, adding personal touches and even down to the packaging, I’ve been really involved and thoroughly enjoyed it,” he says. “I’d love to do more if the opportunity came along.” Gandy continues to grow his brand, playing Jennifer Lopez’s love interest in the recent music video for her latest single, “First Love”, which is currently on rotation wherever it is people are watching music videos these days.




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