Daily Gift Guide: Special Jewelry Finds Under $1,000

by Freya Drohan

Behind on your holiday shopping? We’re right there with you! We’ve mined the web to find undeniably chic and eye-catching jewelry musts—which luckily won’t break the bank either. For your sister, your girlfriend, you bestie, or heck, even for yourself, here’s what’s caught the attention of our inner magpie.

Sylvia crystal drop earrings, $410, Sterling King

White enamel vermeil cushion locket with blue sapphire, $590, Monica Rich Kosann
Baguette and pave diamond ring in 14k gold, $425 each, Ri Noor

6.5mm 16g diamond apsara clicker, $895, Maria Tash

Sterling silver bangle with colored saphires, $875, Jane Bartel 


Fendi My Way diamond watch, $699, Rue La La

Mini eye of the sun pendant, $725, Elizabeth Moore

14k yellow gold arrow earrings with diamonds, $390, Edward Avedis

Four leaf clover charm in 18k gold, $995, Rondel

Lola 18k gold earcuff with diamonds, $1,000, Melissa Kaye

Double ring with three diamonds in 14k yellow gold, $858, Grace Lee

Tulip ear chain in rose gold, $920, Carbon & Hyde

Scroll enamel band in 14k gold, $950, Ashley Zhang

Custom word necklace, $600, Alison Lou

Single row emerald ear cuff, $750, Logan Howell

Diamond star anklet in 10k gold, $280, Banter by Piercing Pagoda

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