Creatures of the Wind Spring/Summer 2018

by Paige Reddinger

Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters were inspired by expansion this season for their show titled “Further.” That meant the expansion of ideas, which in the case of their clothing meant upcycling. There were new graphics printed onto vintage tees and sweatshirts and 1.7 million sustainable Swarovski Crystaldust adorned their collection. The dust is a by-product of Swarovski’s crystal-cutting process and the pieces of the Crystaldust were applied to the reworked and one-of-a-kind leather skirts, coats, and boots.

“We’ve always tried to take a very careful and conscientious approach in our process of making and manufacturing,” said Gabier and Peters in a statement. “We go to great lengths to ensure that we are not wasteful in our development and in our material consumption. For our Spring 2018 collaboration with Swarovski, we chose to focus on one technique that we developed specifically for this season. We are using Swarovski Crystaldust as a paint, applying it as a repeat pattern over leather coats, skirts and boots. As it’s a by-product of other Swarovski components; it’s inherently sustainable.”

The result was some particularly stellar outerwear that is sure to fly off shelves as quickly as their upcycled furs from Fall.

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