Charlotte D’Alessio’s Golden Rule for Creating a Great Insta Story

by Alexandra Ilyashov

Model Charlotte D’Alessio has garnered over 800,000 followers on Instagram. She tells The Daily about being scouted at a music festival, finding her voice, and how to perfect your selfie strategy.

How can we look amazing in Instagram photos?
Try facial expressions in the mirror, see what looks good, and repeat for the camera. My favorite photos include a dope outfit, a natural, easy feel, and no filter.

Tell us about your career path, as a model and influencer?
In a lot of ways I feel like I fell into this industry. I really never thought I was ever good enough to do any of this when I was growing up. So much so I didn’t even dream about it. My goals were all realistic and small. I wish I had some faith in myself as a kid, but I didn’t really learn that until years after being in this industry and a sudden change of heart for myself. I got scouted at Coachella when I was 16, started growing on my socials from that day on. I’ve been signed ever since that weekend and I haven’t looked back.

How has modeling made you comfortable in front of the camera?
I originally agreed to model to do something outside of my comfort zone. The thought of getting in front of the camera and modeling terrified me to my core. I can remember the first-ever test shoot I did, and me just internally wanting to die; I felt so embarrassed. In comparison to how I am now in front of the camera, it’s night and day. I really broke out of my shell and turned into a whole new confident person.

Charlotte D’Alessio (Getty Images)

Has modeling helped grow your social media presence, and vice versa?
Modeling has helped me grow my social [following] because objectively, people seem to like to follow models. I honestly don’t know if it’s helped in a deeper sense: people either like my content, or they don’t. But there are certain modeling jobs I’ve definitely only been hired for based on my social media, and I’d be crazy not to notice that. The same goes for any model with a high social media following these days. A lot of what you’re booking now is because you have an audience to go with it. You become more than just a model. You’re helping the brand’s outreach.
 Me gaining followers as a 16-year-old girl who was already so confused why people wanted to follow in the first place was interesting. I suddenly felt an obligation to set a good example.

How can we look amazing in IG photos?
Try facial expressions in the mirror, see what looks good, and repeat that into the camera. Get good lighting, and smile with your eyes. I don’t like photos that are too posed. I used to do that when I was younger; I now have an appreciation for candid moments that aren’t staged to be perfect. There’s already enough of that on Instagram already. My favorite photos include a dope outfit, and a really natural, easy feel. No filter is cooler. The more carefree, the better!

What makes for an epic IG Story?
Don’t try too hard. Just relax and take the damn Story! Don’t overthink it and watch it 10 times back to make it perfect. It’s okay.

What’s your go-to selfie location?
Honestly, my bedroom. I’m blessed with some amazing golden hour lighting, directly in my room. Wherever the best lighting is in your house, chase it.

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first month in NYC ✅

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Biggest social media pet peeve?
I think just ‘cringe couples.’ Is that bad to say? It’s not my thing, and I don’t enjoy it. I have no issue with couples sharing their love and photos. It’s just when it comes to a point where I’m just like, should y’all just text each other? Or are you gonna communicate everything via Instagram?

What first fascinated you about social media, and about crafting a voice and following?
Social media for me was super interesting because I didn’t know what the hell it really was. I don’t think anyone really knew the extent of the power it was going to eventually hold over us and our society. It took our whole livelihood by storm. I don’t always succeed, but I try my best. I’m so thankful to have an audience that wants to hear what I have to say. It’s surreal.

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Who are your favorite people to follow currently?
Petra Collins is just amazing. Everything she shoots or creatively designs is so stunning. I could look through her page all day, I’m never tired of seeing her new posts. Also, @Ordinarypeoplememe is so hilarious: They post the dumbest memes, ever, of normal people with weird captions trying to get a grasp on the kind of things that person would have said. Its just stupid. And @Ifyouhigh such a cool page, there are super visually-pleasing, almost hypnotizing videos.

What are your biggest career goals currently?
I would love to work with a whole list of magazines; two of my tops are LOVE and U.S. Vogue. I want to expand my podcast to a point where I’m able to interview anyone. And I would love to get a beauty contract; for models that’s really one of the biggest achievements you can get. Also, walking for VS or Fenty. Those big lingerie fashion shows with the theatrics. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was one of my biggest dreams to be able to do that.

Who are your career role models?
Sara Sampaio is someone who’s inspired me a lot, because she’s also a shorty as well. I always respond more to people that remind me a little of myself. She’s someone who just did the damn thing regardless of height, and I look up to that.

Any fun projects on the horizon in 2020?
My first cover comes out in March in the U.K. which I’m beyond excited about. Also [focusing on] my podcast and a lot of cool writing opportunities in the horizon. My career has taken this turn to where people want to hear what I have to say as well as modeling, it’s been amazing.

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