Chanel Iman, Instagram Addict

by The Daily Front Row

Because what’s more interesting than the social media habits of mods, non? Chanel Iman fills us in on her ‘gram tendencies, and ringing in ’14 with Beyoncé...

Are you more into Instagram or Twitter?
Instagram. You don’t put too much thought in, and it’s creative. Sometimes when I’m in hair and makeup, I’ll get lost in the world of Instagram!

Do you get lots of “likes” on your photos?
I had to turn that off. My phone would keep buzzing! I never know if my friends or family like a photo unless they tell me, because I have so many followers. 

How did you usher in 2014?
I went to Beyoncé’s New Year’s Eve party in Miami. Who wouldn’t want to ring in the New Year with Queen B?

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