Catching up with Betsey and Lulu Johnson

by The Daily Front Row

What would a Hamptons summer be without a Daily dose of Betsey Johnson and her chic ‘spring, Lulu? We checked in with the mother-daughter duo for our inaugural Daily Summer glossy to find out what’s on the horizon.

Will you be in the Hamptons this season?
Full speed ahead! We’ll be out there in June and July. There’s always a problem with the kiddies in August, because the mommy wants them this time and the daddy wants them this time.
I didn’t go out there last summer because of family matters; and we were working on the [reality] show. I’m really looking forward to it after being away for almost two years. Just being out there for a little bit this summer will be relaxing.

Your summer to-do list, please!
I want the Hamptons to make us feel alive again. I hope we’ll go to some great charity events.

You’ve got that great pool. Can we come swim?
We should throw a party together! I’m a horrible party thrower, but anytime you want to make a party, let’s do it!

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