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Carolina Herrera Sits Down With ELLE’s Robbie Myers: 12 Takeaways

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Hearst’s Masterclass series of tête-à-têtes with fascinating figures in fashion and (far) beyond brought Carolina Herrera to the glossy empire’s HQ on Monday for a chat with ELLE’s editor-in-chief, Robbie Myers. Here are a dozen of our favorite Herrera-isms from the candid conversation…

On her timeless aesthetic: “I want women to look like real women, I don’t want them to look like clowns because it’s in fashion! I’m not a very trendy designer.”

On not looking like a hot mess: “It’s very important to possess in your house a full-length mirror.”

On the definition of elegance: “It doesn’t have anything to do with beauty or money….It’s what you project: your taste in books, houses, paintings, the way you move, the way you talk.”

On letting it all hang out: “Women have confused sexiness with femininity and elegance. They think that to be sexy, you have to wear a dress that is four sizes smaller than you, or show everything you possess.”

On an era she’s happy to leave behind: “It was excess in the ’80s. Now, simplicity and elegance is better.”

On her staple white shirts: 
“The first time I saw the white shirt on me was when I was going to school. My uniform had a little Peter Pan collar…it’s not like I wear a white shirt every day of my life, but it is like a security blanket.”

On her most treasured item: “A compact that my husband designed for me. One side is night, and the other side is day. My favorite song is ‘Night and Day’ [by Cole Porter]. That’s my favorite possession.”

On working with her daughters: Of course, we have little problems…but they always end up doing what they have to do and they always end up doing what I say they have to do.” 

On those derriere-showing Met Ball looks (ahem, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce): Bob Mackie did the naked look years ago for Cher. There was one; now there are many.”

On the super-casual direction fashion has gone in: “You go to the opera or ballet and you see a sea of sneakers.”

On the joys of social media…: “You have to listen to the likes, dislikes and whatever they say. That’s the excitement of social media. You have to listen to it.”

…And the perils: “But if you start reading all the messages, you will not have a life. It’s impossible to read all of them.”


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