Canadian Model Ashley Smouter Proves Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

by The Daily Front Row

Today’s models are very different from those of past generations—from the way they can be discovered to the secondary job of influencer that typically comes along with a growing career. Although the initial world of Instagram content can be hard to navigate, as explains Canadian model Ashley Smouter, once one finds the right style, niche, and audience, it serves to supplement and benefit one’s career.

For Ashely, social media has come to play a positive role, creating a space for her to show a different side of herself to an audience of close to 600K. While models are naturally known and recognized for their looks, the platform provides a much-needed space to share a more real side of themselves with fans and followers.

“I like where we are now with social media—I think it gives models the opportunity to showcase more of their personalities, interests, and other skills,” explains Ashley. She utilizes her profile to promote her passions, one being her love of animals. “Social media has given me a platform to speak about animal welfare, and help with different animal and environmental charities,” she notes. Additionally Ashley is able to talk about veganism, while sharing her own recipes in an effort to encourage others to consider the lifestyle. With a degree in psychology and sociology, and an emphasis on education, Ashley is clearly more than a pretty face: she is driven and entrepreneurial. This very aspect of the model has inspired her to expand on the success of her Instagram account and venture into a new avenue within social media. She’s set to launch her YouTube channel mid-December, which will feature an array of videos and behind the scenes content. To find out more about the channel and get to know Ashley a little more, follow her on Instagram (@ashleysmouter), and look out for the official launch date.

Written by: Thomas Herd
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