Male Model Moments: Meet Eian Scully

by Eddie Roche

Eian Scully

What’s the secret to looking like Eian Scully? We find out in our latest Male Model Moment! The Canadian mod also shared his least favorite food, guilty pleasure, secret talents, and more. Meet Eian and book that flight to Canada, y’all! 

Current City: NYC

Single/Married/Dating? I’m dating.

Nickname: I didn’t really have a nickname growing up, but I seem to get quite a few nicknames referring to my body these days.

Where are we least likely to find you? The library. Thanks, Internet.

Who are your best male model buddies? I have known Jason Morgan for 10 years. We met on my first trip to Greece. He’s a stand up guy.

What would we be surprised to know about you? I traveled Asia for three years while modeling. I went to Singapore, Thailand, Tokyo, Hong Kong, mainland China, Korea, and Malaysia. Also,  I’m kind of a homebody, and I don’t like to drink much.

What’s your guilty pleasure? I’m a huge foodie. I love to cook all kinds of food and try new restaurant. Also, Brooklyn Bagel hazelnut coffee.

What time do you wake up and go to bed? I’m an early bird! I usually wake up at 7 or 8 a.m., and go to bed at 11 p.m. or midnight.

What scares you? I’m scared of broken bones. Also, I’m a hyper guy and I hate to be stuck in one place!

What do you always eat? I eat quite a variety of food. I love Thai food and Mexican. At home I always make smoothies, juice, and stir fry.

Eian Scully

What was your best and worst subject in school? My best subjects were math and woodworking, and my worst was English.

What kind of student were you in high school?  I was part of the athletic crew and part of the track team. I did high jump, sprints, shotput, discus and javelin. I had decent grades.

What’s your least favorite food? My least favorite foods are mac and cheese and Hamburger Helper. Chemicals don’t belong in food.

When are you in the best mood? I’m in the best mood in the morning. I wake up chipper and ready for the day.

When are you in the worst mood? I would have to say at night, when my internal clock says it’s bed time.

Who do you admire most in the world? I really admire Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is my favorite body builder of all time and he applied the same discipline to become a superstar actor and the Govinator.

What’s your favorite smell? I love eucalyptus. It’s so invigorating.

What’s your greatest fear? Being alone. I love all the people in my life, and the thought of losing any of them is a scary.

Any secret talents? I am super bendy from years of yoga. I can also cook up a storm.

Where do you travel to most? Back home to Montreal. I love to see my family and eat some poutine.

Which word do you say too much? “Can’t”. We can always be more positive and optimistic.

Where do you think you’ll retire? Somewhere warm with a beach and wildlife.

Who’s your favorite action hero? I liked Batman because he didn’t have superpowers; he just trained to be a badass.

The definition of happiness is…all in your mind and your perception.

Eian Scully


What sport do you suck at? I suck at basketball. The ball just won’t go into the hoop.

Where do you think you’ll be in 10 years? Teaching other people how to live healthfully, and finding happiness in simplicity.

What’s your favorite thing about being in fashion? I love to see the new trends, and to hopefully motivate people to be heathy and fit.

Who’s your favorite female model?  Karlie Kloss

What advice would you give your 13-year-old self? Follow your dreams and don’t feel like you have to conform to the beaten path.

How would you describe your current state of mind? Enthusiastic. I wake up every morning and am excited for my day and the future. Life is beautiful and short, so I like to enjoy every minute. Don’t waste your time with negative thoughts and emotions.

Eian Scully

Eian Scully

Photo Credits: Brian Jamie, Harol Baez, Jon Malinowski, and Stewart Shinning

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