Buzz Fix: Eternal Summer with Margherita Missoni

by Kristen Heinzinger

In today’s issue of The Daily Front Row, we caught up with Margherita Missoni.

What did you do this summer?
I gave birth to my second son, Augusto, on May 1, so my summer was very relaxed and super long. We relocated to Portofino, which is a two-hour drive from home, from mid-June to mid-July, then spent a little less than two weeks at home. At the beginning of August we caught a plane to Spain’s Costa Brava, as my husband has a place there. I had a chance to visit Cadaqués—it’s absolutely beautiful. From there, we flew to my family’s house in Sardinia, where we spent the last two weeks of our holiday.
What’s your NYC routine?
I live in the Bowery, so I hang out in that area a lot. I eat Asian and Mexican cuisines, as I can rarely get such fare in rural Italy. Kura on St. Marks is a favorite. When I’m here I always visit museums, so this time I want to go to the Met to see the African portrait photography exhibit.
How often do you get to New York Fashion Week?
Very often, but I don’t attend many shows. Actually I rarely attend them at all. It’s just a good time for me to schedule meetings and see my friends.
What’s the scoop on your collab with Peroni?
I saw this as a unique opportunity to re-interpret a classic Italian staple in a modern way through the lens of Peroni. The pocket square is a staple for men, especially in Italian culture. Peroni is based in Rome, so I researched the city’s squares in order to translate their designs into the pocket square. In the end, the Piazza del Campidoglio was the best fit: It’s the ancient citadel of Rome designed by Michelangelo himself and it’s absolutely stunning.
Where’s your favorite place to have a beer in the world?
On a gozzo, in the middle or the Mediterranean at sunset.

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