Busy Philipps on Her Busy Spring with LOFT

by Sydney Sadick

Once again, LOFT has partnered with Busy Philipps for original content to live on the retailer’s site and social channels. The video pokes fun at rushing to do all the spring activities you waited for all winter, and Philipps tries her hand at a popular spring cleaning method, which doesn’t end so well for her husband. The actress gives us the lowdown on the project, and what it was like directing and casting writers and producers for the video.

How’ve you been?
Great! Really excited about how the LOFT video turned out and looking forward to spring break with my family!

Where are you going?
We’re taking the kids on vacation, and in April I’m taking Birdie to New York to see “Hamilton” on Broadway. She is obsessed with the soundtrack and knows all the words to many of the songs. I felt like I had to take her to see it in person. Plus, I’ve seen it once before and can’t wait to see it again!

How does it feel to be partnering with LOFT again?
LOFT has been an incredible partnership for me. They offered me so much creative freedom to come up with the concept and how I wanted to direct it the first time around that I couldn’t say no when they approached me about the Spring campaign.

How’s this go-around different than the last? 
The only difference was that when we shot the Fall videos, we were in Charleston, South Carolina while I was shooting Vice Principals, so locations were a bit easier to get to. We had to be a bit more creative freedom in our locations this time around and thankfully, our good friends let us use their house.

What are your looking forward to this spring?
I love the farmers market when all the fruits and vegetables start changing over from the winter produce. Suddenly, everyone is carrying giant bouquets of flowers. It may sound simple but it just makes me so happy.

Do you resemble the character you play in the video?
A little. I’m definitely playing a heightened version of myself in the video. I do tend to get carried away with things sometimes, so that comes from personal experience.

Where did the idea for the video come from? 
I think everyone can relate to being excited for the weather to turn. and it seems we can’t escape the KonMari method for tidying up. I loved the idea that my character really goes too far with both things.

Something we’ll never find you wearing this spring? 
Probably one of those big hats. Actually any hat, unless I’m sitting at a pool. I just think hats look dumb on me, like I’m trying too hard.

What are your spring wardrobe staples? 
I love dresses with pockets, Birkenstock and Ancient Greek sandals, and jean jacket for when I get chilly.

Are you working on any upcoming projects? 
The TV show I shot last summer, Vice Principals, comes out July 17 on HBO.

What was your most memorable spring break?
I never did the spring break vacation thing when I was little. Last year was the first time Birdie was in a traditional elementary school, so we took our first family spring break. It was great, so we’re doing it again this year!

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