Brandon Maxwell Fall/Winter 2017

by The Daily Front Row

“Black or White” by Michael Jackson blared on the speakers as Joan Smalls sashayed down the runway in a micro-mini leather pleated skirt. Shortly thereafter “Freedom” by George Michael came on. Songs that are appropriate for the times, but they also happen to provide a killer rhythm for the fiercest model walks you’ve ever seen. These happened to be some of Maxwell’s favorite songs from childhood. “There were a lot of things that came back from my childhood in this collection—crystals, fur, and leather,” said Maxwell post-show. “I just wanted to be true to myself.” And he was. The beauty of Maxwell’s clothes lies in the details like a white baby doll dress with five layers of collar or the immaculate pleating or the perfect cuff on a simple white blouse. But if you’re looking for maximum flash, Riley Montana’s metallic pantsuit was made for turning heads. Glam to the Max!

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