6 Baking Lessons from Busy Philipps

by Sydney Sadick

Fall in July? Michaels—the arts and crafts store—made it happen with its “Make It Feel Like Fall” event with Busy Philipps. The actress, who we learned loves to bake, visited the Big Apple for an afternoon of baking and entertaining, showing editors how to make sweet confections (think red velvet cupcakes and chocolate and caramel-covered marshmallows sprinkled with Halloween-themed toppings). Here are a few things we learned from Philipps… 

  1. She’s great at making cakes: “I’m really good at making cakes. I can get pretty intense and make three-dimensional cakes. And I’m good at piping.”
  2. Her biggest challenge is figuring out how to do something out-of-the-box: “If I want to make a sculptural or 3-D cake, which doesn’t have a cake pan that I can easily use, I’ll do a bunch of research online, look at other people’s cakes, and figure out how I’m going to build it.”
  3. She loves to bake with her kids: “It’s a great way to spend quality time.”
  4. She wants to make a Minion cake for her daughter’s next birthday: “I am going to do it. It won’t be from a template. I’m just going to make it on my own.”
  5. She believes you shouldn’t take yourself seriously when it comes to baking: “The outcome doesn’t matter!”
  6. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong: “I’ve had some fails and have had some things fall through, but it’s fun and I love doing it.”

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