Agent R.E.D.’s Genie Parada-Fishman on How Brands Can Stand Out on Social Media

by The Daily Front Row

Genie Parada-Fishman, owner and founder of Agent R.E.D. International, has been working tirelessly behind the scenes as an agent for years. How does she compete to get her brands noticed in 2019? The Daily caught up with her to find out what it takes to build an audience — and a wardrobe.

Which projects do you feel most inspire and empower your audience and the fashion community?
I’m particularly excited about our new social media initiatives, such as our “On the RED Couch with Genie” video series. In it, we sit down with our designers and retailers to chat about life, the fashion biz, and our brands. This includes interviews with those who aren’t too shy so we can catch them in action, as well as photo series that capture candid moments during sales meetings and product presentations. The concept is intended to bring together the people of the fashion business and create a sense of community.

How does your social media strategy help you stand out from others?
In a world where everyone tries to look perfect, we embrace imperfections. We don’t use filters or special effects to make us look better in our social media footage. I believe in embracing yourself as you are — not that I think it’s wrong to correct a flaw that is really bothering you. But that we need to embrace our imperfections as unique attributes that make us special, even if they’re not considered “traditionally” beautiful.

What upcoming projects are you excited to debut?
I am super excited about our RED Spotted blog, which features outstanding real people with undeniably unique style. We are in New York, after all! Fearless eclecticism as interpreted in fashion choices can be found in droves everywhere you look. That’s why I adore this city and can’t picture living anywhere else! I literally run down the street to snap people for RED Spotted. In the process, I meet some interesting people.

Velvet Heart (Coterie Booth 8123, Level 3)

Like who?
Recently I spotted the Coco and Breezy twins [Corianna and Brianna Dotson]. I honestly had no idea they were celebrities; I just thought they looked great. They were incredible — friendly, chatty, and nice.

How would you describe the shift in the fashion industry and retail environment?
I think what sells now is what always sold — special, interesting products that are unique and offer good quality. I don’t think that will ever change. Retail is tough out there, and when the going gets tough, people tend to panic and make reactive decisions that are usually not the best ones. For example, the cheap clothing movement… people hopped on that bandwagon and really quickly, you realize that it’s not about the cheapest clothing. It’s about the best. People will always spend more on high quality and great design.

XCVI (Coterie Booth 8117, Level 3)

What’s your tip for creating a wardrobe and keeping with one’s style identity?
Avoid trends at all costs. True style is not about trends — it’s about beautiful clothing that pervades a faddish moment. That doesn’t mean it’s boring — it just means that you shouldn’t buy neon yellow unless you truly love it and foresee integrating the color in your wardrobe for years to come. That’s not to say that your tastes won’t evolve and change, but the constant is that beautifully made and designed garments will always triumph over the fast-fashion approach.

What advice would you give to those who are interested in entering your line of work?
Have passion, persistence, and endless energy. Pursue your goals relentlessly. Have a positive attitude, and believe anything is possible. Embrace your insecurities and fears. Think freely and fearlessly. The only way to grow is to put yourself in that uncomfortable place. Keep moving forward — evolving, developing, learning, devising, and implementing new ideas. And most of all, have fun and enjoy the process!

What’s your personal approach to a happy and successful life?
I take a problem-solution approach to all life challenges. Step outside yourself and minimize the emotional factor. Only then can you think clearly and make the best decisions.

Capote (Coterie Booth 8222, Level 3)

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