A Moment With…Brad Goreski

by Sydney Sadick

Last eve, we caught up with Brad Goreski at the Shutterfly by Design’s ‘Summer In The City’ themed D.I.Y. event. Looking dapper in a punchy Dsquared2  blazer, the host of the shindig chatted with your Daily about his curated collection of Shutterfly home decor products, and what he’s looking forward to this summer. 

How long have you been working on your curated collection of Shutterfly Home Décor products?
We’ve been working on it for about six weeks. It’s been a really fun process to work with Shutterfly and see all of the amazing different things you can do with your photos. I’m Instagram-obsessed, and I love documenting my life. Sometimes it makes me sad that it just lives on my phone and that it’s not so tangible, so this was such a great way for me to get some of these really special memories and find creative and interesting ways to put them in my house and make them really personal. I wanted this space to feel like me and to be a reflection of who’s in my life, which apparently based on the photos I have here are Gary, our two dogs, my mom and my sister. I’m all about personal touches, and the same goes for when I’m styling. I always look for that one focal piece and then build everything around it. So there was something about this man in a bowtie print that was a really great way to start and then build around it.

How do you describe your design aesthetic?
I really like modern design. Gary introduced me to modern design and mid-century furniture which is a love of mine and is all over my house, but I like to show personality and have my space feel warm. I think it’s important to have statement pieces like you would in your outfit in your home and then the personal touches that remind you of how great your life is.

Would you ever consider getting into home décor?
While I was very hands-on in the décor process of my home and would definitely be interested in getting into it, it’s definitely a very special skill that you need training for. I could help put bits and pieces together, but if they came to me to reconstruct a space, I’d be like ‘Oh…is that a supporting thingy?” But you know, never say never.

What’s your ideal ‘Summer in the City’ night?
I like two extremes, since I’m very East Coast-West Coast. My West Coast summer in the city is being in my backyard at like 9:30 at night, when it’s super quiet and there’s a slight breeze coming from the ocean. When I’m in the city, it’s being on a packed rooftop with loud music and people just having the time of their life.

Which album are you looking forward to this summer?
I’m looking forward to Miguel’s album. I love his song ‘Coffee’, and I was obsessed with his last album.

How about movies?
I haven’t seen Jurassic World yet, which I will get to. I could also see Terminator. I like a big summer movie.

What are you sick of reading about right now?
I’m sick of reading about bad news. Keep all of the love and acceptance like the beautiful Caitlyn Jenner story alive!


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