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6 Rapid-Fire Questions with La La Anthony

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What’s La La Anthony working on these days? We caught up with the reality star and actress, who’s married to Carmelo Anthony, during New York Fashion Week for a few minutes of rapid-fire questioning… 

La La, what are you working on right now?
I have a movie that’s coming out in the next couple of months called Double Play. Ernst Dickerson produced it. I’ve got my clothing line, my make-up line and I am still working on some acting stuff, so I am definitely very busy.

Is acting your real passion?
Love, love, love it! Definitely where I see my career transitioning to right now: acting and producing. For my first book, The Love PlaybookQueen Latifah and I are partnering up to turn it into a movie, and my second book is turning into a TV-series for Lifetime, so I’m very excited about that.

What makes you smile these days?
My son [Kiyan]! He’s 9-years-old and is the best kid in the world. I know that everybody says that about their kid, but he really is the best kid in the world.

Do you think he’s going to follow in his dad’s footsteps and get into basketball professionally?
He absolutely loves basketball. He is actually really good at it, but no matter what I will support him.

Is your son’s sneaker collection as expensive as his dad’s?
The funny thing is that him and I are the same size, so I am literally wearing my son’s sneakers everyday, and he is wearing mine. It’s pretty cute. I’m enjoying it while I can, since I know it is not going to last that long!

What’s the key to your relationship with Carmelo?
You have to make time for each other. You have to schedule date nights and make sure that it’s important. We work so hard at our jobs and being parents and all these other things, so you have to put that same amount of work into your relationship and marriage. I try to remember that and remind myself about that sometimes!

Sydney Sadick

Associate editor at Daily Front Row. Instagram: @sydneysadick

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