Break Time! View 50+ Pics of Male Mods In 2(X)IST!

by Eddie Roche

Last night we took one for the team and checked out the runway show for 2(X)IST’s Spring/Summer collection, which welcomed an enthusiastic crowd (of mostly men) to Skylight Modern in Chelsea. Backstage before the show (another horrible place to have to be), we chatted with the brand’s creative director Jason Scarlatti to get the skinny on why a brand known for underwear is showing, what males models can do better at castings, and what guy tops his list as the perfect runway panther. Plus! We’ve also put together a massive photo gallery of 50+ looks from the show.

Why does the brand do a show?
To show people we’re now a lifestyle brand and to broaden people’s horizons and that we’re not just an underwear company. Last year we debuted a couple pairs of sweatpants and sweatshirts and it really blew up. We now have a leisure brand business. In this show we’re tipping our toes into bags so we’ve got gym bags, backpacks, and tote bags. Every show we try to push the envelope. One day I’ll have a space shuttle coming down the runway.

You were very calm before the show last year so what’s your temperature now?
I’m calm and that freaks me out. Now I’m kind of freaked out. It’s been running smoothly except for some lighting glitches earlier. I also got in the wrong Uber car today.

Oops! Is the casting easier now?
It’s never easier. Male models are always beautiful and perfect, but it’s always hard to get the right mix and for them to look good as a whole. Now that we’ve gotten into activewear and swimwear, it makes it more of a challenge of how things fit.

What could a model do better at a casting to get in the show?
Lateness is very disrespectful.  My biggest pet peeve is when they pull their underwear down to show their pubic hair. That’s not gonna get you the job. It happens a lot.

Who’s your fave male model?
The PC answer is to say you don’t have one. Andre Ziehe has been the face of our brand. I love him. He’s standing right there eating a pizza which is another reason I love him. When he walks down the runway, he’s like a panther. We’re very good to our models. These guys are kind of like our family members and you’ll see a lot of repeat models.  All the guys have great attitudes and they’re just pumped to be there as we are to have them.

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