10 Things You Don’t Know About….Stylist Danielle Nachmani

by Sydney Sadick

How well do you know Danielle Nachmani, the stylist and consultant who recently launched a creative content service called EDTN? The creative, who has shot for Dior, Hellessy, Jordache, and more through her company, writes in for the latest “10 Things You Don’t Know About…” 

  1. My first job out of college was the front desk receptionist at Pier 59 Studios: I couldn’t find a job working at a magazine when I first graduated so I took a job where I would have to greet people who were on shoots all day, every day. Within 4 months I got a fashion assistant job at T Magazine after running into my intern boss, Karla Martinez, at the studio.
  2. I put ketchup all over my French fries: When I eat fries I cover them in ketchup rather than dip them, which is apparently greatly frowned upon.
  3. I don’t know how to snap: I have tried to learn how to snap my fingers since I was a kid in camp, and to this day I still can’t.
  4. I am a self-proclaimed t-shirt connoisseur: If I find a t-shirt I love I will buy them in bulk. I am completely obsessed with finding the perfect white tee.
  5. I love taking pictures: I took up photography two years ago and now have a creative content service called EDTN, where I create original content for brands and magazines.
  6. I have a bizarre fear of mannequins: My first job ever was working at a retail store by my house, and we always had to dress the mannequins. One time one of them fell on me. Since then, anytime there is a job that has involved mannequins I have hired someone specifically to dress them.
  7. Music videos were my obsession when I was a teenager: When I was younger, MTV actually played music videos and I would watch them religiously. I always dreamed of styling a music video and now I’ve styled multiple.
  8. I never carry a bag: Maybe it’s because being a stylist requires so much heavy lifting, but it doesn’t matter how many cute bags I buy…I always end up using my coat or pant pockets to carry my stuff. (Does that make me low maintenance?)
  9. I try to take a bath almost every day: Even if it means waking up early or going to sleep later, I try to fit a bath into my life every day. It’s my favorite way to clear my mind and relax.
  10. I have wanted to be a stylist since high school: The first time I styled anything was my high school fashion show, and it was the only time I have ever been called to the principal’s office…my looks were too edgy.

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