Maeve Reilly’s Latest Styling Client? Disney’s Adorable nuiMOs

by Aaron Royce

Your favorite Disney characters are getting a makeover, courtesy of Maeve Reilly. The celebrity stylist latest project has been unveiled: a collaboration with Disney nuiMOs, launching on January 19.

In addition to stars like Hailey Bieber, Ciara, and The Chainsmokers, Reilly is now dressing a new set of clients: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Stitch, and Angel. The $18 plush characters can be dressed in a variety of adorable mix-and-match styles that range from loungewear to Tokyo street style.

“It was so much fun to style and create these looks for Disney nuiMOs plush for their big global reveal,” the California-based stylist said. “I have a huge love for accessorizing and think attention to detail is critical to creating the perfect outfit for any occasion whether that’s heading to a lunch or watching a movie on the couch. These little plush are perfect to personalize and express your own sense of style.”

Disney characters wear trendy looks styled by Maeve Reilly (Disney)

Fashion fans will instantly spot Reilly’s signature affection for accessorizing and subtle details. Whether they feature embroidered letterman jackets, denim, or prints like plaid, leopard, and houndstooth, all of the miniature pieces (which start at $13) are hallmarks of the stylist’s relaxed, L.A.-inspired aesthetic.

Reilly shows off a signature outfit created for Mickey Mouse (Disney)

Just like in the fashion world, nuiMOs’ styles will also expand with collaborations and various drops. Beginning in February, fans can enjoy new plush figures, outfits, and accessories on the first Monday of each month. Upcoming releases include lines with Loungefly, Spirit Jersey, and designers like Ashley Eckstein and Wesley Taylor.

Reilly’s outfits for nuiMOs will be available next week on Disney’s shop website, as well as in various Disney stores and parks. Her collaboration also marks the plush pals’ debut in North America and Europe, after their popularity skyrocketed in Asia. The pocket-sized critters are meant to be extensions of their owners’ personalities and styles—which is sure to take off, thanks to their new wardrobe of on-trend threads.

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