Introducing Nysir Carter, the New Up-and-Coming Wardrobe Stylist

by Amir Bakian

Style is a tool that can help you both express your individuality and stand out in the crowd. It’s a reflection of one’s personality and not just about blindly following trends. Some can easily put together an impressive outfit, while others need an expert to guide them in this space. Nysir Carter, a young fashion enthusiast with an eye for design, is helping people revamp their fashion as a wardrobe stylist. To feel confident, one must first look their best and that’s where wardrobe styling plays a crucial role. Nysir Carter is showing people unique ways to style their wardrobe without paying an arm or a leg for it.

Nysir Carter was born and raised in Philadelphia. The neighborhood he grew up in was full of talented people but nobody dared to move out of their comfort zone to pursue their dreams. Moving from Philly to New York to follow his dreams made Nysir a torchbearer to his community, inspiring others to chase their passion. Leaving his supportive family behind to make a living for himself in a new city was not easy for Nysir but he persisted because of his passion.

Nysir strives to put his best fashion forward, whether he is attending a meeting or just walking around the city he calls home. His sense of style combines simplicity, trends, and comfort. This is where he stands apart from other contemporary stylists for whom fashion usually means expensive fabrics, perfectly designed suits, and branded accessories. Nysir as a wardrobe stylist doesn’t get hung up on expensive trends. His Instagram profile has a host of pictures showing the young stylist using simple clothing to create unique styles. He can style up basic cargo pants with different designs of t-shirts to create different looks. His sense of styling is affordable yet creative and can be followed by anyone looking for simple ways to upgrade the existing wardrobe.


Besides sharing simple styling hacks on social media, Nysir also shares his day-to-day fashion with his supporters. For instance, the kind of shoes he is picking to look casual yet trendy, and the kind of tees that are perfectly complementing his pants to create a new look. By sharing these examples that he uses in his everyday life, he’s providing his followers insight into what they can create themselves. It is because of his easy and simple styling tips that Nysir has earned recognition on social media.

Nysir’s sense of wardrobe stylizing has already helped him accomplish several milestones in his career so far. Nysir has worked with the famous American singer and songwriter Ashanti in one of her photoshoots. He was also featured in the NYC post for his contributions to this styling assignment.

If there is anything that Nysir is passionate about apart from fashion it’s fragrance. This shows that the young wardrobe stylist not only loves to look good but smell good as well. Going forward, he wants to add a new dimension to his career as an entrepreneur by introducing his personal line of fragrances. While this goal is still in its planning stage, Nysir is currently focused on reaching the top in the fashion industry as a stylist. He wants to work with more prominent names from the fashion and entertainment industry in the coming years and also grow his follower base on social media through his simple wardrobe styling tips.

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