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Kanye West Goes On Rant About Hedi Slimane. Pass The Salt.

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Spoiler alert! This post comes with a cringe-warning, so please move along if you have any concerns. Page Six reports today that Kanye West went on a rant about Hedi Slimane at his concert at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. Just what everybody is eager to hear when attending a concert. What did KW say? Here we go…  “He was once a friend of mine, in the time of Christian Dior, and I used to wear his tight-ass jeans when I was on tour and get called names for it…And Hedi Slimane was a god who didn’t serve no bull(bleep)…But it takes a god to recognize another god. (ARE YOU STILL WITH US, READERS?) So when he told me you can come to my show, but you can’t come to see Phoebe [Philo] and you can’t come to see Riccardo [Tisci], that was odd. He tried to control me! He tried to tell me where I could go!” We warned you. 

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