DL1961’s Creative Director, Sarah Ahmed, On The Brand’s Pop-Up Digital Showroom

by Alexandra Ilyashov

In the market for some new blues, but dreading the prospect of wriggling into pair after pair in the harsh glare of your standard-issue fitting room? DL1961 Premium Denim to the rescue: the brand has set up its Digital Showroom today and tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 14th Street and Ninth Avenue in the MePa. Expect an “interactive digital denim doctor” on call, next-day delivery in Manhattan, and the option of virtually trying on the next addition(s) to your jeans repertoire. Next up, the DL Digital Showroom is headed to Dallas on November 20th, followed by Venice Beach in L.A. on December 5th. The brand’s creative director, Sarah Ahmed, filled us in on all the high-tech details…

How did the idea of a digital showroom come about? 
Our Smart Denim Technology is what separates us from the rest of the denim pack: however, in order to understand our product, you need to actually experience it. The DL1961 Digital Showroom is a way to take a product like ours that is based on touch and feel and translate it in a digital space. Our customers can find the perfect fit for their body and lifestyle and then subsequently purchase it.

What sort of technology is at play?
It’s a revolutionary retail experience that seamlessly combined RFID tags, smart filters to find your perfect fit, and our inventory on one platform. This denim doctor platform allows you to get virtually fitted and purchase a product in less than 15 minutes.

Why set up (temporary) shop in the Meatpacking area?
We love the location because it’s a nice, open space right in the middle of all the action. The day traffic is awesome from offices all around the area , and it’s easy to get to for all around Manhattan. It’s also very New York.

So what is a denim doctor, exactly?
Someone who loves people and believes that everyone is too busy to worry about finding their perfect pair of jeans. They make the whole daunting process of jean shopping easy, seamless, and almost utilitarian. They go through your lifestyle needs and guide you to the perfect fit, fabric, and wash. It’s basically a team of denim nerds determined to make the customer love denim.

Why head to Dallas and Venice with the concept next?
We are partnering with one of our favorite retailers in Dallas, Tootsies, for an event for their customers. Dallas is also our third-largest market after New York and California, so it’s a natural next step.  As for Venice, we strategically planned it on First Friday, which is a huge street party on Abbot Kinney Boulevard. The Venice location attracts our target clientele: young millennials who work in tech and wear jeans to work.

Where might the DL digital showroom head in the future?
We’ll continue this direct-to-consumer campaign well into Spring. Our next stop would be college campuses and large companies that would be interested in partnering, so we can travel to our customer and save them time!

How many pairs of jeans are in your closet?
I strongly believe in the utilitarian approach to clothing, especially denim. I only have five pairs, including a leather pair. I stick to basics that I can travel in; I go from the plane to the boardroom without them ever sagging, bagging, or losing shape.

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