Yoana Baraschi's Digital Refresh

by The Daily Front Row

Just in time for the spring thaw, Yoana Baraschi is adding a touch of new charm to her namesake collection with a fresh site launch, which officially goes live today. Her recipe for success included graphic details, simple touches, and a picture perfect blog. Click away…

What can we expect from your new site?
We’ve redesigned the website with a brilliant company called Lemonade. They’re all about clean lines and a very graphic aesthetic; they made the shopping experience on the website extremely user friendly and simple to use. We also used images from our Spring campaign photographer, Erik Madigan Heck.

What fun features can we find on the site?
We’re doing a lot more with our blog! We’re planning to have little video clips that show my travel moments in addition to showing the whole design process, from what inspired us to the final product. We’re going to layer in all sorts of comments, behind-the-scenes views, and make it witty and interesting, to reflect the life of the design team in our creative environment.

Will you be writing any of the posts for the blog?
Probably down the line, now that the shows are over and I have time to travel. 

And you’ve unveiled a new logo as well?
A lot of our customers fell in love with the vintage-inspired logo, but we didn’t feel that it fit the aesthetic of the brand, which has evolved and cleaned up since I started it. I worked with a graphic artist to design the same logo we’ve had, without the graphic silhouette in the background. By next fall, we are going to change all of our labels and branding materials to reflect this.

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