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What’s Driving You Nuts, Chicsters?

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Need to get something off your chest? Of course you do, so we had to ask…What’s driving you nuts?
ELLE’s Anne Slowey: What doesn’t drive me nuts? I’ve been sleep deprived for 3 years. I’m actually really happy these days. I wish I could still go to the afterparties. My last big blowout was the Alex Wang one at the gas station when Courtney Love performed. It was wild.
BCBG’s Lubov Azria: Trying to do everything at once.

Neiman Marcus’ Ken Downing:
I live on an airplane and wish people would make a little more effort when they get dressed on a flight. I don’t even mind delays anymore, but I wish people would make more of an effort. If I have to sit with them, I want something darling to look at.

Tennessee Thomas
: Men in politics who are going backwards on women’s rights.

‘s Eva Chen
: Construction in New York City because it’s making traffic like hell.

Vanity Fair
‘s Jessica Diehl:
When people say, “I can’t even…” I’ve adopted it and I get upset every single time I say it.

Bethann Hardison:
Some people have gotten so caught up in social media that they’ve lost their way.

Rebecca Taylor:
The traffic on Flatbush!

Jenne Lombardo
: Every skinny girl that decides to become a blogger.Ramon Martin of Tome: Cashews, walnuts, and peanuts! But really, because our collection was Indian-themed, I’m very namaste this season.

Micaela Erlanger: Not being able to disconnect from my email.

Tanya Taylor: Not having enough time for a really good lunch.

Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo: 

Tyson Beckford: Making stupid people famous, it drives me crazy. You spend so much time going to acting school and all that stuff, and everyone else is just famous for no damn reason!

Joseph Altuzarra: I’m pretty happy, so not much bothers me!

s Alex Gonzalez: 
Having to come back to reality after the summer, and after some incredible travels! I went to Majorca.

Deborah Needleman: 
A recent vacation in Indiana at my mother-in-law’s beach house.


Eddie Roche

Eddie Roche is the Deputy Editor of The Daily Front Row/Daily Summer/Daily Hollywood

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