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Unwinding! With Trish McEvoy

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Makeup maven Trish McEvoy opened up shop in Southampton this summer, and divulged her mellow routine (and not-so-mellow product arsenal) for weekends out East.

What’s your favorite Hamptons activity?

Doing nothing.

Sounds relaxing!
It’s about my friends and family. It’s about enjoying the quiet time…and the not so quiet time! It depends on my mood—it could be about going to the club, or just sitting still at home.

Beauty musts out east?
I keep it simple. I use my makeup planner, Base Essential for the eyes to avoid oiliness, intense gel liner for a bit of definition, a touch of lipgloss, a little concealer under the eyes, tubular mascara, and, of course, bronzer. You don’t need to look made-up when you’re in beautiful Hamptons light.

That doesn’t sound so simple! So, what’s the most luxe purchase you’ve ever made?
My house! Truly. In general, I don’t go to the Hamptons to buy expensive things. I go for more relaxed luxury.

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