The Inspiring Vision Behind Artist Punkmetender’s Work

by Amir Bakian

Love and freedom are all important aspects of everyday life. Unfortunately, we are often unable to express ourselves freely due to various reasons. Society has made it hard for people to be themselves without facing constant judgment, and it is even more challenging with social media, where being vulnerable is considered a weakness. This is what inspired renowned artist Punkmetender to start his journey in the art world.

According to Punkmetender, his goal is to help everyone in their life journey, sharing what he has learned along the way. He uses his art to empower and encourage others while spreading positivity and promoting love and freedom.

“It is essential for a society to be democratic as it enables the free exchange of ideas, opinions, and information. It also allows people to step out of their comfort zones, try out new ideas, and talk about what is oppressing them without fear,” explains Punkmetender. Through his physical and digital art, Punkmetender creates a safe environment for everyone to be themselves while empowering his fan base to fight for their goals.

“Life is a challenge, and there is a new obstacle every day,” says Punkmetender. However, how you approach each situation will determine your next step. Punkmetender is using his journey to encourage fellow entrepreneurs and art lovers, showing everyone that while there are many hardships, you can still reach your goals. “You just need to remain focused, work hard, and be patient,” says Punkmetender.

Punkmetender is building an online community of art lovers as he promotes love and freedom. He has created an NFT, PUNKANGELSNFT, which will incubate new talents, guiding them on their journeys while sharing valuable information he has learned to help them succeed.

“Like any other venture, the art industry is competitive, and establishing your spot can be hard,” explains Punkmetender. But it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. The key is in believing in yourself, working smart, and being authentic.

Punkmetender notes that there is a lot of discouragement, especially on social media, and sometimes you feel like you are doing everything wrong. However, you should know that while not everything will work out as you planned, there’s always room for you to try again.

Through his street art, which he has been painting for over 17 years, Punkmetender shows people that it is okay to be you and be vulnerable while encouraging everyone to fight for their dreams.

He also uses his drawings to address some of the issues affecting the community and to preach peace and love. The experience he has gained throughout the years and his solid network set him apart, allowing him to cement his spot in the art world. Punkmetender featured in the Banksy movie Exit Through the Gift Shop. He has also worked with some top celebrities, creating art for Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Mariah Carey, and Sofia Vergara. As he continues to grow his career, Punkmetender is building a safe environment for people to express themselves. He is showing everyone that it is okay to have different opinions as he promotes love, peace, and freedom.\

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