Model and Influencer Layna Boo Is a True Philanthropist at Heart

by Amir Bakian

As the world moves ahead at a rapid pace, things have changed drastically along with it. Just a few decades ago, the way women were looked at was completely different. Gender equality was difficult to discuss and even considered taboo in many cultures. However, women of the 21st century have come far in their journey of fighting the patriarchy and building their dream lives. One of these resilient, passionate, and dedicated individuals is Layna Boo. She has been working on her dreams day and night to establish herself through her own efforts. Layna is a model who was born and raised in Canada. She is famous for her beauty, skills, and talent. Rising to fame on various social media platforms has happened due to her bold, charming, and unique personality. Layna believes that she was born to live the life she’s been living. However, many are not aware that she is a philanthropist as well. Being able to give and be there for others makes her heart happy. Layna’s kindness and compassion set her apart from many others. Having a pretty face and a golden heart is indeed a match made in heaven. In these difficult times when the pandemic took the world by storm, Layna was able to provide assistance to as many people as possible. Her giving heart ached for many, which is why she kept going. She has been able to work and contribute to various major organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Along with that, she also walked to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease. These acts of kindness make Layna one of a kind. She is a stronger believer that we’re all capable of being there for each other and live with a philanthropist inside us. With her positive influence, she wants to inspire her followers and fans as well. Being able to build a community and help bring change would be a dream come true for Layna. She is very career-driven as well. Being an ambitious woman in this misogynistic and patriarchal world can have its own drawbacks, but if you’re good at what you do, success becomes a destination instead of a chance. This is the kind of confidence Layna has for her future and every goal she has been working towards. She plans to grow her career further and work towards being there for those in need. In addition to that, she is confident in herself and knows that her ambitious mind will take her further in life. Personalities like her are inspiring for what they have been able to achieve in life. True creative artists like Layna are role models for many up-and- coming creators and artists around the globe. The way she has been able to tackle each setback and still managed to keep going is amazing. She deserves a lot more recognition.

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