The Evolution of Model and Girl Boss Lexi Wood

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There has never been a time in pop culture when women’s power, intellect, and ownership of their own sexuality has been more important. Spurred by powerful movements such as #MeToo and a growing calling for egalitarianism, women have been encouraged to become bolder than ever about desire, obtaining success, and uniting with one another to advance progress. Women’s empowerment leaders are now much more sought after than just models for campaigns, as brands know that today’s informed consumers see those which align with their values.

Creative Director Dimetri Hogan recently captured and sat down with the upcoming Canadian model and power house Lexi Wood to discuss her upcoming podcast about life, love and relationships. Wood has amassed over 1 million loyal and active followers on social media and is looking to transition on to becoming a girl boss to watch.

Introduce yourself
My name is Lexi Wood, I’m a model and influencer from Toronto, Canada currently splitting my time between NYC and Los Angeles.

How did you get your start?
When I was 11 years old, my sister was interested in photography and I was frequently her ‘model.’ A family friend saw the photos and suggested that I send them to an agency in the hopes that it would help me grow out of my extreme shyness (and boy did it work lol.) My family sent in the photos and I had a meeting with the director of the agency and was signed the next day. I started working the week after that and things have been rolling ever since!

Lexi Wood (Photography Dimetri Hogan)

Who are your role models in the industry?
I love Miranda Kerr and Emily Ratajkowsi because they took their careers in the modeling industry and the following they built and diversified by building their own businesses! I also have always looked up to Kate Moss because she’s an iconic short model (and I’m only 5’6.5- the half counts lol)

Where have you traveled for work? Anywhere in particular that stands out?
In my long modelling career, I feel like I’ve been just about everywhere but a few places that made a big impact on me are Bali, Tulum, Melbourne, and London.

Describe your career goals
In the fashion industry it’s so important to always be evolving. My ultimate goals are to create a business empire of my own in the fashion and beauty industry.

What type of role does social media play in your daily life and career? Social media is such a huge part of everyone’s lives, but especially people in this industry, it’s the best way to connect with others, market yourself, and build your business.
During quarantine, I went home to Toronto and solely used Instagram collaborations as my source of income, and I actually doubled my following in the process!

Today, brands are often looking for multidimensional models that bring another quality or attribute, aside from their beautiful looks, to the table. What do you believe makes you stand out?
Especially because I’m a shorter model, I always felt that I had to go the extra mile and bring something else to the table. I think my personality and my business mind are what help me stand out in the industry.

Lexi Wood (Photography Dimetri Hogan)

What are your upcoming projects?
I’m always shooting cool content so keep an eye out for that! I’m also launching a podcast in June with my mom and sister called 6&9! We’re covering everything from life in the fashion and modelling industry, travel stories, sex, relationships, our funny stories, and just about everything else!

Stay tuned and keep up with all things Lexi Wood on her instagram @lexiwood.

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