Social Media’s New Rising Star Brandy Gordon

by Thomas Herd

Undeniably the zeitgeist of contemporary culture is shattering standards and creating new paradigms around the forces doing the disruption. Cryptocurrency, NFT’s, Uber, Airbnb and many other emerging industries in today’s decentralized gig economy are all shining examples of new paradigms forged in the wake of the unraveling of old standards. The same concept holds true these days for modeling….where the objective to be reached isn’t necessarily piling up hundreds of brand partners like it used to be, but in fact establishing the model herself as the brand.

Such is the case with the emerging renaissance woman Brandy Gordon, who has developed a magnetic online personality that fuses aspiration, sex appeal, fitness, and inclusive interaction with her audience. Since covid started, Brandy has become one of today’s fastest growing stars on social media, growing her Instagram audience by a whopping 300k new followers in the past 12 months. Rather than just focus on instant monetization of her clout, Brandy has a bigger picture outlook aimed at affecting lives through fitness and wellness motivation. Her objective is to flip the script on the optics of daily exercise and show her audience how training, wellness, and dieting can be fun, easy, and rewarding. Through her meteoric growth and objective to change lives, Brandy follows closely in the footsteps of some of today’s largest social media personalities turned brands such as Camila Coehlo and Cassey Ho. These supernovas are the new wave of tastemakers that are shaping today’s social media world and replacing the corporate brand with the star power brand. They are growing faster, have more to offer, and are no longer dependent on corporate brands to keep them afloat. Watch out world, a new paradigm shift is taking place.

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Bob McKittrick January 21, 2023 - 11:22 AM

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