10 Stress-Reducing Bath Soaks We All Need Now

by Tangie Silva

We’re going into week… ummm, six, seven, of quarantine? Unsure of when the self-isolating will be ending; yes, we’re all stressed! Venturing into the unknown is taxing on the nerves and what better to help soothe your tempestuous mind than to submerge in the tub? Presenting a selection of bath soaks dedicated to stress reduction, may they help you maintain!

1. AMAYORI Ambrosial Ofuro Shizumi Luxury Bath Salts, $60
This brand takes bathing into the realm of a full ritual. There is a daily soak but using this once a week is the ultimate indulgence if you really need to de-stress. A combination of botanical oils and extracts that help promote tranquility, it has warm notes of Hinoki cypress, Hiba wood, and sandalwood to help you relax. The subtle fragrance of ylang ylang calms the mind along with magnolia champaca and galangal for an overall exotic feel. It’s finished off with a note of comforting vanilla.

2. GOOP The Martini Emotional Detox Bath Soak, $35
It’s obviously the equivalent of a martini but for external enjoyment only – do not imbibe! Touted as a way to take the edge off a crazy day or turbulent times, you get a relaxing dose of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, chia see oil, passion flower, Valerian root, wildcrafted frankincense, myrrh, Australian sandalwood, nagarmotha, and vetiver…whew! There’s 3 baths soaks per bag and as with most soaks it’s recommended you drink water before, during, and after the bath.

3. LORD JONES High CBD Formula Bath Salts, $65
CBD is about as buzz-worthy as self-care and WFH with the masses turning to its inherent calming effects. Not only do you get 12 heaping scoops from these salts but they’re packed with about 20mg of CBD (US hemp farm grown!) that has been lab-tested to ensure you’re getting a pure, potent formula. It’s paired with “pink Himalayan salt, arnica, magnesium rich Epsom salts, calendula petals, and a unique blend of terpenes and essential oils that support deep body relaxation.” Feel the tension melt away while inhaling the fragrant evergreen and citrus scents.

4. OUAI Chill Pills Bath Bombs, $30
The cliche phrase “take a chill pill” has never been more needed! A combination of jasmine and rose with a blend of jojoba seed, safflower, and hemp seed oils are packed into large fizzy tablets. Simply throw them into your bath and just chill out. Which seems to be working considering all the 5-star rating comments. Trust us, you’re gonna get through this!

5. THIS WORKS Deep Sleep Bath Soak, $41
Stress-induced insomnia or simply just not being able to turn your brain off these days is the norm. When it’s finally time to wind down this soak is doing everything it can to relieve any tension with the help of sleep-friendly ingredients. You get encompassed by the trifecta of floral French lavender classically known for assisting with falling into sleep, vetivert that “calms the nerves and brings a sense of balance,” then chamomile to banish exhaustion.

6. BASE COAT Revitalize Calming Salt Soak, $24
Himalayan salt is the magical must-have ingredient when you need to rejuvenate and promote a tranquil state of mind. This soak will deliver “the minerals and nutrients in the salt…to your cells in the form of ions, making it easier for your body to absorb and utilize them.” In addition to helping your complexion in the texture and tone departments, it combats water retention, muscle cramping, and soreness. Sans those problems, sleep is imminent.

7. MUSEE Peace Train Bath Soak, $22
Made in the US, this milky concoction is an array of oils including rosehip and grapeseed. But it’s the calming aromas of bergamot and frankincense that help you let the stress drift away. It contains all natural ingredients and is paraben and sulfate free too. This is one train you’ll want to catch. And if you’re looking to restore a sore or tired body, opt for the Just Breathe soak full of Epsom salt with a fresh eucalyptus and lemon scent.

8. VERDANT ALCHEMY Yoga Om Bath Salts, $54
If you’re hitting the mat hard these days (and you know you are), here’s the perfect soak post yoga session. The fragrant mix of grapefruit, ylang ylang, basil, and lemongrass is inspired by tropical scents found at Bali yoga retreats. While you’re not abroad in that paradise you can certainly luxuriate and repair sore muscles. It’s all thanks to Epsom and Dead Sea salts blended with Kaolin clay which is a wonderful cleanser and detoxifier for your skin even if it’s sensitive.

9. DR TEAL’S Balance & Calm Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution, $5
When you want affordable and effective, you turn to Teal! While there’s a bevy of options on soaks to combat whatever ails you, this anti-oxidant rich match green tea version is the best for soothing your nerves. There’s also citrus and chamomile essential oils to ease your body and mind.

10. MER-SEA & CO. Bath Soak, $24
This is one of the prettiest versions of a soak that we’ve seen with its combination of coconut sugar, aloe agave, and white freesia and peony petals. The goal is to help recall memories of when you were on sun-drenched shores in the salty sea air – if only. And it comes in three versions so you can pick the one that suits your bathroom best.
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