Pyper America on Her OPI Campaign, Summer Plans, and More

by Kristen Heinzinger

This summer, OPI Infinite Shine unveiled its latest ambassador: Pyper America Smith, who, if you’ve been paying any attention to Instagram, is part of one of the most gorgeous families around. The pink-tressed sis to models Lucky Blue Smith, Starlie, and Daisy, Pyper America fills us in on the campaign, what’s new with the family band The Atomics, her beauty style, and her plans for the summer.

You’re the new face of OPI Infinite Shine–do you have any faves in the collection?
Bubble Bath, which is a faint pink color. I used to wear that all the time. But blue is my favorite color! My summer favorite has been Teal the Cows Come Home, which is this shimmering mermaid-y blue.

What’s your beauty and fashion style like?
I like to keep my makeup and skin routine pretty simple—skin is as important as the makeup. I’ve had pink hair on and off since December, and I love it! I almost feel more like myself when I have pink hair. [LaughsWith fashion, my style is a bit vintage inspired. It’s not too modern, and I like to keep it easy and mix cool pieces together. And I’m all about jackets and skinny jeans and mini dresses.

How do you define beauty?
Beauty is something that stands out to someone. A beautiful person exudes happiness and good energy and something unique. What’s great about beauty is that it’s different for everyone. It’s a personal thing. And inner beauty is really important to me. I think when someone is confident, you can see that in them and it’s inspiring. You could be wearing a paper sack and be smiling and laughing, being friendly or feeling confident, and you can look beautiful.

You’re siblings are also models. What’s the dynamic between all of you?
We’re all super close, because we live together and work together right now. We each kind of have a role. Starlie, who’s the singer of the band, likes to be in charge and at the front of all the music stuff, which is great. I’m kind of the goofball. My sister Daisy is the logical one who looks out for everyone.We’re all super tight!

Will you be at NYFW?
I’m not going to do any shows or anything. We’re pretty busy with music stuff, so maybe if there’s a cool event or something. [The band] is possibly doing a show in China in September.

What is your song of the summer?
It’s “Trouble” by Cage the Elephant.

How have you been spending the summer?
We’re learning our new songs, practicing, creating new stuff, and meeting with different songwriters every day. I went to Montana for the 4th of July—it’s my favorite place ever. I used to live there from kindergarten to 1st grade, and I grew up visiting there every summer. It’s beautiful to get out of a city and be on a lake.

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